pirmdiena, 2011. gada 26. decembris

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas for everyone, who is celebrating them on 25th & 26th of December! :)
As always,it's some kind of thinking time for me. I always disappear from Twitter and other web pages and start to think about life. And this time, as I was cleaning one of the rooms and found many books from my (and also from my dad's) childhood, I'm reading them. And you know what? Reality doesn't exist for me then, I just want to return back to a time when I was 4 or 5 years old. Then there were no problems, no violence aroud, no thoughts about future which scare me too often, nothing, just friends and happiness. Two things that I miss too much sometimes.
Now I just like a thought, that finally I won't be celebrating New Year in Latvia, maybe it's a chance to change everything and 2012 won't be as all the other years.
And I also hope that normal winter will come soon. Today it was +9°C. What a December.
Have a nice day, my dear readers! ;*

ceturtdiena, 2011. gada 22. decembris

Make your wishes come true

Hi! :)
As my study year finally is over (just exams in January), I'll have a bit more time and try to write more often. But today just a quick post (as it's 2 a.m. already :D)
Today I decided to write here my wishlist. You can see it as a page in my blog. In 2009 my dad challenged me (I don't know how to say it differently) to write 100 wishes. I accepted challenge and wrote them (in two years, I think :D). None of them are personal (like that I want a good boyfriend or stuff like that) and none of them are like `I want a husband millionaire`. Just random wishes I wanted to come true then.
Some of them sounded impossible for me, for example, that I want to have a photo with Kimi Raikkonen or go to The Rasmus concert, as I considered myself just as a simple Latvian girl who can't do anything if it's related to celebrities, people I adore or another countries I want to visit but don't have a chance.
What about now? I understood that everything is possible. Really, everything. When I after some time read it again and marked things I've done, I was so surprised that I made it. You just have to believe it. And keep this wishlist in a place where you see it often.
So, a challenge for you, my dear readers - who wants to write a hundred things to do in this life and try to make them real? ^^ Try, it really works :)

sestdiena, 2011. gada 10. decembris

Hey! :)
Finally I have a bit time to write something here :)
First of all, I want to say a big thanks to Ksu for a Christmas card that arrived yesterday! It was so sweet, I couldn't stop smiling all evening :) And I was very surprised that it arrived so soon, seems like Latvian post service works better than I thought (it was no doubt about Finnish, only about LV). Once again - thank you, Ksu ^^
And today is almost a month since the `magic date` 11.11.11. I wanted to write a post then, but had no time. So - what do you think about these magic dates? :) I always remember what I did on these days, since 05.05.05 :D And this year we had a lecture in genetics, and it seems like all our course made a wish at 11:11. I also took a photo then :)
Last Saturday I went to my grandma on my bike - this year December really isn't like it was two previous years :/ It's so warm and without snow. Only on 7th December at the morning there was something like snow lying on the ground and falling from the air when we had lectures, and also yesterday, when I went home from uni, it was snowing. But snow is still wet, as it's +1°C outside. So, few photos from 03.12:
Me :D
Road through the forest near our house.
Sunset ^^
New tram :)
Alfa shopping center :)
And yesterday my best friend had her 20th birthday, so tomorrow we'll celebrate it & I must do something for university now :)
Hope you are having a wonderful day :)

svētdiena, 2011. gada 4. decembris

Nightwish - Imaginaerum ♥

Finally I found time to listen to this new album. What can I say? It's simply amazing. Magic. Powerful and touching.
I was listening to it with my earphones in a complete silence at night. Maybe that's because i felt this music coming through me and leading me somewhere, to a fairytale. And this text at the end of `Song of Myself` - to be honest, I was crying while listening to it. And the final song - I was also crying. But not like I'm crying because of pain or other negative emotions. I was smiling at the same time, and just can't explain why there were tears in my eyes. Maybe because the album is so beautiful.
Anette's voice is amazing, and I can't compare these songs (written for her) with songs written for Tarja that she's singing. And I love when Marco is singing with Anette together. I have heard this album twice now, and also instrumental version of it once. And I understood that I simply have to go to their concert :) If they won't come to Latvia (that's for sure, only in my dreams they will sing here), then I will go to Helsinki at March.
Have a nice day :)

ceturtdiena, 2011. gada 1. decembris

Hi! :)

I cannot believe it's December already. I so much want normal winter with lots of snow, but it's so warm and we can expect snow only at Christmas. But I still hope that December will be good :)
Today I finally passed my last test this week, so can relax a bit - now I feel like a zombie, because I haven't slept normally for all this week. Tuesday was the hardest day, but... Maybe you read post about Kimi Raikkonen in my blog about F1 at September? I explained there why do I like him so much. When it was mentally the hardest year of my life, he won the championship and showed me that you must never give up. And you know what? He did it again this Tuesday - I'm so happy to tell you that Kimi signed contract with Lotus Renault and will be driving in formula 1 again! I think I don't have to tell you how happy I was, and now I have so big motivation to do anything ^^
And yesterday Nightwish released their new album ^^ I still didn't have time to listen it, but I know I will do it these holidays, that's for sure [my friend from university told me today that it's amazing, hope it is so] :)
Today I also was sorting beetles and my teacher finally allowed me and my friend to take his new pet out of the box. His new pet is a spider *I really hope you're not afraid of them, as I don't want to scare anyone*, so cute ^^
Hope soon I will have time to write a normal post with more photos :)

otrdiena, 2011. gada 22. novembris

Hi! :)
Sorry for disappearing for a while from here. And I think that I won't have a chance to write here soon, maybe until my winter holidays, starting at 24/12.
Next week will be so crazy - I have an exam at plant anatomy, two tests at German & typology of soil and vegetation, must translate and make a presentation about scientific paper at ecology (about aspen related beetles & bugs in Finland), write ten pages about mutations in genetics. And everything must be written and handed in next week.
And also there's this biomimicry project [we finally started thinking about everything for it, so have to analyze many materials & data] and work at botanical garden, so we'll have to spend 3 hours there next monday to learn something more about plants growing there. And my course work with counting and sorting such a big amount of beetles [must finish until New Year, as nothing is written yet, and this spring everything has to be ready].
And also today one of Latvian banks was closed, so there's no chance to get money these days or pay at shops with cards. And, of course, this is my bank - I wanted to buy many things, and now just have to wait, without knowing anything how and when I'll get my money back, and also I will have to make a new bank account for a money from university [and you can imagine how many people are everywhere, doing it, as this bank was popular].
So I don't know how I'll make it, as I'm totally down right now.
But everything will be ok, right?
Yeah, and also I've applied for a job at Lithuania for this summer [project for three years about habitats].
Have fun and take care.
*photo's not mine*
Your Icegirl.

sestdiena, 2011. gada 5. novembris


As you know, this Thursday I was at Amorphis concert and I still haven't written anything here. This concert was AMAZING! The best one I ever was at. I even don't want to compare it with Musiqq, Enrique Iglesias, Rihanna and other concerts I've attended.
*photo from the internet*
I went to this concert with my mom [the best person to take to this kind of concert, lol], because all my friends from faculty went to newman's ball, but my other friends simply hate this kind of music.
There were also two support bands - NAHEMAH from Spain and LEPROUS from Norway. They were also great. While my mom sat aside (and next to her sat guys from NAHEMAH after they stopped singing :D ), I was standing almost next to a stage (in a second row, but could see everything perfectly) - two meters from Tomi Joutsen ^^
*this photo is also not mine, but I was standing almost at the same place, next to a girl who took it*
From their new album they sang Mermaid, My Enemy, You I Need & Crack in a Stone, and also many other older songs (which I don't know well), like House Of Sleep, Silver Bride, Sampo & Into Hiding.
As always, I didn't have my camera with me, so photos & a video are taken with my mobile phone. Sorry for the quality & enjoy!
NAHEMAH singing
Tomi ^^
*sound quality also is strange, as drums are the loudest, but lyrics its hard to hear at all*
Now I have seen live two groups of my top3 (Amorphis & The Rasmus), now only Nightwish is the one I simply need to see ^^ Who knows, maybe I will go to Helsinki at 10.03.2012 :D
And, by the way, today this blog becomes one year old. Thanks to all the people who read it, as I feel so much better when I can share my thoughts with someone else.

pirmdiena, 2011. gada 31. oktobris

Sorry for disappearing for a while from here, but I'm back ^^ I think not for a long time, as now at every free minute I will have to go to my teacher & sort out, count and define insects which we caught in May for my course work. And also I'm really between these eight people, representing University of Latvia and Botanical garden at biomimicry project, about which I told you some time ago, so every Thursday I'll have to go to conferences to talk about this project. And also we'll have to learn everything about Botanical garden and plants growing there [so we could know about which of them to prepare excursions]. The rest of this year will be crazy, but some courses [like plant anatomy & typology of Latvian soil and vegetation] will end until the end of November, so it will be easier.
I think you know what this photo means - this Thursday I'm going to Amorphis concert ^^ I also really wanted to go to newman's ball at our faculty, but it seems that all the good things always happen at the same day, so I chose this concert :)
And now about everything what happened since I last time wrote here something about my life.
On 14th of October we had Bio-night - an event organized by 1st course for other biologists. I didn't have my camera with me, but there was a photographer, so I have some photos. Unfortunately, I was there just for an hour, and then I went to a movie with my friend [we wanted to meet for a talk for such a long time, that didn't want to postpone it again].
Me, Zane, Undīne, Edgars, Artūrs, Agnese, Egija.
A man in the middle is our dean :D
1st course were showing a performance about our teachers, was so funny :D
Ballerina :D This part of a performance was about our physics teacher, and it was the funniest, I guess. This teacher has a Russian accent when he's saying some words [like lambda and ballerina], and sounds so funny when he's talking in Latvian. And when he's talking about rotation, he's always drawing such a funny ballerina on a blackboard :D
Last Tuesday I had my 20th birthday. I promised to bring kid's champagne to my friend, and also I bought some donuts :)
Celebrated a bit in faculty's cafe with my girls, my friends from 3rd course and even ecology teacher :D And on Saturday we celebrated it with my relatives. By the way, I came to a conclusion for another time, that people have no imagination. Almost everyone from the relatives asked me what I want to receive as a present, and after my answer that I don't know, everyone gave me money. Of course, that's also positive, but the best gifts don't have to be valuable. I'll talk about those [from my friends] which I loved the most :) 1st place goes to my best friend Linda, who just congratulated me, saying: `I wish to you that one day all the world of formula 1 will raise a glass for you! And you will celebrate your bday together with Kimi & Heikki!` That was the best birthday wish I've ever heard :) 2nd place goes to my girls from faculty, who bought me a small cake, lit a candle and came to ecology lecture singing happy birthday song for me ^^ My mom gave me 5 red roses, and dad - 9 really big yellow roses ^^ And some other gifts:
Finnish dictionary from my dad ^^
Body yoghurt & soap from my friends from faculty ^^

Some other photos from birthday:
Me & Linda
My cake ^^
Me with a cake ^^
I was talking about Raikkonen then *I always celebrate his and Heikki's birthday together with mine* :D
Linda, my mom and me :)
And I think that I will end with these photos, as it's almost 2:30 a.m, and I'm still up, watching F1 race replay in India :D And tomorrow I will have to get up at 7, go to biochemistry and then work with insects. And also students from 1st course will come and I will have to tell them what I'm doing :D
Goodnight everyone ;*

pirmdiena, 2011. gada 24. oktobris

If it will go on like that, my blog will turn into some kind of memorial book. Not a long time ago (8th of September) I wrote here about Lokomotiv. Last time (17th of October) I just didn't want to make this day bad and didn't write anything about Dan Wheldon. But today I can't stay silent.
Marco Simoncelli. 24 years old. MotoGP racing driver. He left us yesterday, during the race at Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia, at 16:56 local time.
I mentioned Dan Wheldon before. He was killed at 16th of October in a racing accident in IndyCar ar Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where 15 cars were involved. He was 33 years old. I came home at Monday and found out about this crash. And I couldn't stop crying, even though I never saw Dan racing and didn't hear about him very often.
But Marco I knew very good. I was watching MotoGP since summer 2008. And that year Marco became World Champion in 250cc class. I remember this day like it was yesterday - everyone was so happy, especially Marco. He was the person I liked since the first time I saw him. Russian commentators called him Dandelion. And since that day me too. In 2010 he came to 500cc (MotoGP) class, and of course couldn't drive as fast as in 250cc, but I believed in him. In 2011 I stopped watching MotoGP, because many races overlapped with F1 and I couldn't follow so many of them. And also I saw crash of Shoya Tomizawa during the race at 5th of September, 2010, and it was also fatal. Shoya was 19 years old. And I didn't want to watch it anymore.
Yesterday I was sticking leaves of trees for my herbarium, and my dad started to read a piece of news. That MotoGP race at Malaysia was stopped after an accident involving Simoncelli, Edwards and Rossi. Nothing happened to Rossi, Edwards was injured with a dislocated shoulder, but Simoncelli... `No..` - I thought, because I already understood what happened and didn't want to hear it. `..but Simoncelli died because of his injuries`. `Marco's dead? No, no way, that just can't be true!` - I whispered. `I will never believe it!` But I should believe. It seems so unreal.
And yesterday I also found out that at 9th of October Russian ski jumper Pavel Karelin died in a car accident. He was 21. I actually never realized that he was so young. Because I'm often watching ski jumping in winter, and Russian commentators mention him so often as a really good and perspective jumper. And he's been participating in world cups since 2007. By the way, four days before this accident I saw ski jumping in my dream, although I never dreamed about it before, and it seemed a bit strange. Seems that it really was.
Three Sundays of October. I really don't want to think about this one.
Sorry about this messy and emotional post. In few days I'll try to write something more positive, about my B-day, Bio-night and so on.
And finally one of my verses, related to this situation. It's in Latvian, but I translated it in English. As it's long, just press Uzzināt vairāk » to read it.

pirmdiena, 2011. gada 17. oktobris

Happy Birthday, Kimi!

Today is so beautiful weather outside, and I'm walking around smiling like crazy, just don't know why :D
Or maybe I do - today is 32nd birthday of Kimi Raikkonen :) So, in this case, I'll write here one of my verses in English. I wrote it in 2009, when Kimi became 30 years old ^^

It's rainy, but I love this day –
October seventeenth for me
Is celebration anyway –
And it will always, always be.

Today's your birthday, Kimi, so
For me it's celebration too
And I don't care that I don't know
What’ll happen in F-1 to you.

You make me smile, I learnt from you
To be myself and let past go,
I didn't know, but now I do –
Today's a gift for us, and so

Congratulations, Kimi, and
Try to remain as good you are
You are my Champ, just understand
You'll always, always be my star!

This photo was on a desktop of my computer, when I was with biologists at Kolka, and at least five persons asked me, is it my boyfriend :D

And this is my favourite video about Kimi :)

This week will be crazy I think, as I have tests everywhere, but somehow I'll do it, I know :) Yeah, and tomorrow I'll be 20 years old. Don't want for this day to come :/

ceturtdiena, 2011. gada 13. oktobris

Just a quick post today :) 13th day of the month always seems to be so great (especially if it's Friday, well, today is Thursday, but that's not the point) :)
Today we were at LU Botanical Garden for a lecture in typology of Latvian soil & vegetation. Now we will have lectures there until December, and this place is so great - we can drink tea during lecture and after that simply walk around, as for students of Latvian University it's for free.
Beautiful flower :)
During lecture :D
And today me & my friends joined one international project in bionics :) Every country which joins this project has to make a team from 7-8 persons (biologists, engineers etc.), study different materials sent by organization (Greatbritain organizes this project) and until 21th of December make a presentation describing some project, how people could use processes of nature in their lives. I still don't know will we be in this `official list` or just as consultants (because there's no need of such a big number of biologists in this project), but still we'll get these materials and take part in it :)
And also we will work as a guides in this botanical garden (for free, of course) :) We'll make a team with two of my friends and think about different excursion and entertainments in this garden for children and also adults. I think we're a perfect team, as I can tell about insects & animals living there from the scientific side, Zane can do the same with plants & trees, and Sandra (although she's not into science so much) can think about different activities, which would be funny and interesting :) Next Thursday we will listen to advises and get some information and presentation (which was told last year to garden's stuff by a woman from Britain) and then we'll think about these excursions. By the way, I've always wanted to be a guide, I even wanted to study tourism, so there's my chance.
I tried something like that when I was at Kolka, because we organized Slītere Insects Night, and many people came there, so I had to help them with binoculars (our teachers were too busy to do that) and also tell them something about insects they looked at. Was fun, as I just finished 1st study year and didn't know much, and also I haven't prepared anything and just told random facts. But people were like `wow, that's so interesting`, even older people, not only kids. And I was like `wow, do they really like what I'm telling so much?` :D I was speaking for more than two hours about these insects, even couldn't talk at the end :D
Me ar Slītere Insects Night
So, I hope everything will be ok :) Wish me luck ^^

pirmdiena, 2011. gada 10. oktobris

Photopost: In Love With Autumn

As I've posted results of my photo hunt, now it's time to write about life :)
Despite it's really cold outside, I'm in a very good mood - today I wrote my biochemistry test, so can relax a bit (I also have to write a project in genetics, but that's easier than learning biochemistry). By the way, if nobody told me the right answers, I probably wouldn't have passed this test :D And today we also sang a funny song at biochemistry lecture :D You can listen to it and read lyrics here :D Biochemistry-related photos :D
Learning for the test
yesterday, watching F1
Japanese GP 2008 ^^
Today's test (we corrected our
tests by ourselves, this one is with
all correct answers).
Laboratory works, 03.10.2011
And if you know about my addiction to formula-1, you can guess what my German-flag-nails this week mean ^^
This Saturday I finally found time to go to the city of Cēsis :) I was there in winter, but this time the main idea was to go there with our bikes and drive a bit around the city and also to visit Eagle cliffs (Ērgļu klintis). I was learning biochemistry again, and the train was so full that I had to sit on the floor :D
But soon we got to Cēsis and went to see these Eagle cliffs (you can see where I was driving here). Really beautiful place ^^ Later we went back to the city and visited a park there. So, photos from that day:
In the wood
Shells near Gauja river
Gauja :)
Eagle cliffs
Grass snake & Eagle cliffs again
Beautiful autumn
Cute little frog
Cat & main church in Cēsis
Cēsu Castle
Photos with me will be in a next post ^^
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