ceturtdiena, 2011. gada 22. decembris

Make your wishes come true

Hi! :)
As my study year finally is over (just exams in January), I'll have a bit more time and try to write more often. But today just a quick post (as it's 2 a.m. already :D)
Today I decided to write here my wishlist. You can see it as a page in my blog. In 2009 my dad challenged me (I don't know how to say it differently) to write 100 wishes. I accepted challenge and wrote them (in two years, I think :D). None of them are personal (like that I want a good boyfriend or stuff like that) and none of them are like `I want a husband millionaire`. Just random wishes I wanted to come true then.
Some of them sounded impossible for me, for example, that I want to have a photo with Kimi Raikkonen or go to The Rasmus concert, as I considered myself just as a simple Latvian girl who can't do anything if it's related to celebrities, people I adore or another countries I want to visit but don't have a chance.
What about now? I understood that everything is possible. Really, everything. When I after some time read it again and marked things I've done, I was so surprised that I made it. You just have to believe it. And keep this wishlist in a place where you see it often.
So, a challenge for you, my dear readers - who wants to write a hundred things to do in this life and try to make them real? ^^ Try, it really works :)

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