otrdiena, 2013. gada 30. jūlijs

Photopost: The Tall Ships Races 2013 in Riga (43 photos)

Heey, my dear readers ^^ Last weekend I had a chance to visit a great event called The Tall Ships Races 2013 and see awesome sailing ships once again. Last time they were here in 2003 and I still remember how nice it was then. So this time I also couldn't miss it. First I went to city center to see the ships close to me and on Sunday I also went to Mangaļsala to see how they sail to the sea. So enjoy the photos! ^^

trešdiena, 2013. gada 24. jūlijs

Photopost: The Power of Waves (15 photos)

Heey! ^^
I'm here with a new post again :) The weather is very windy recently, so yesterday I decided to go to Mangaļsala after work to catch some waves. And I want to show you what I've got :)

svētdiena, 2013. gada 21. jūlijs

A very long post.

Heeeey, my dear readers! The ones who still remember me and keep waiting for a new post after almost 3 months of silence from me :) I'm finally back and I'll try to write more often. For last 2 months I didn't have any free day at all, but now I decided that I must finally write something here, as many people even don't know anything about my life. In short - everything is awesome! ^^ So, get some tea (at least I am drinking tea right now, as it's quite cold outside) or something else and prepare for many-many photos and long stories :)
May started quite interesting, as me & my friends from Biomimicry Design Challenge team went to Sweden. I will show you photos and tell about the trip in the next post, now I will just say that everything was great. We walked around Stockholm, I met many new people on the ferry (we're now friends with one guy from Liepāja), had a crazy party, watched hockey with many fans and even touched an elephant! ^^
On 8th of May me & my Dad went to Jaunciems as we do it every year to take photos of windflowers (Anemone nemorosa). Of course, it was raining (I have my personal cloud, I guess, as nobody got the rain that day, just me), but we managed to take some photos I like :)
Windflowers ^^
Much more of them ^^
Little river of Langa
The house of beavers
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