otrdiena, 2012. gada 24. janvāris

Hi :)
Finally all my exams are over & I can relax a little and maybe write here a bit more :)
First of all I wanted to tell you that our team at biomimicry project is one of 12 finalists (together 50 teams submitted their works) ^^ Of course, that doesn't mean anything, as final results will be announced at the end of February, but still - we are better than many other teams. If you're interested, here is a link to a page with finalists, our project is with a picture of flowers (surrounded with a red line at the picture below). If you press at the picture of any project, short summary about it appears.
And also I was with my friends from university at the zoo last week (as the entrance costs only 1 Ls after 4 p.m.). Of course, it's not a best time for taking photos, but we had much fun :)
Nice feeling when little pigs are chewing your hand ^^
Giraffes ^___^ This one is Piks :)
I love how their eyes are glowing because of flash :D
Such a funny frog :D
Polar owl
I would like to keep this snake in my house, as it's so beautifully green ^^ *and it's always sitting like this on a branch*
Maybe soon I'll write a post about our zoo with more pictures I took in summer few years ago, as I have time now :)
And all of you know what this video means ^^ Raikko yesterday drove an F1 car again after two years break. I'm getting crazy about F1 again, more than last two years.
Have a nice day! :)

pirmdiena, 2012. gada 16. janvāris

Happiness ^^

Hey! :)
How do you do, my dear readers? :) I'm so happy that after this day I have just one exam left in this January session :) Today I passed physiology, I really thought it would be much harder [as I learned all this amount of information just for two days], but I got the easiest questions in my opinion and could answer everything. And also biochemistry was a gift - I knew maybe 10 questions out of 50, but somehow guessed many others and got 9 in the end :) And also I have 9 at vegetation & soil and German, so nice :)
And snow is also a great gift - I really thought we will have no winter this year, but now it's a bit below zero and snow is there for few days ^^
And I also was crazy enough to buy a ticket to Nightwish concert in Helsinki ^^ Nobody [as always] will go with me, as it's a bit expensive [for people that are not Nightwish fans, and none of my friends are], and I'll have a chance to show myself that I really can do everything. Because I have a friend, who really can do everything - she can go to any random person, ask everything and so on. And I'm always the one who don't like [very much] to talk with totally unknown people, I almost always ask my friends or family to do it for me. And this time there will be nobody to ask :D I just have to order bus tickets & a hostel and wait for 10th of March ^^
Have a nice day :)

ceturtdiena, 2012. gada 5. janvāris

Happy New Year!

I think it's time to write a new post finally about my NY celebrations :) And also - Happy New Year everyone, I think it's never too late to wish it ^^
So, as I think all of you know, I finally spent new year night outside Latvia, which, I hope, means, that I'll travel a lot this year ^^ I was at Tallinn for two days, and they were nice. Of course, if I knew that fireworks at Helsinki will be together with Nightwish music, I would go there, as it's not too far, but ok, what's done is done :D
So, photos from Tallinn:
Near the ferry terminal
Excursions aroun Tallinn
Our hotel was near the main train station, so view was wonderful outside the window ^^
Also this old train was standing near our hotel. And we had a wonderful snow that day ^^ In Latvia there wasn't snow at all, so this one was like a fairytale ^^
Christmas tree (the one which fell several times this winter) and a Christmas market at a town hall square.
And also two cute deers were there, poor animals were so scared during fireworks :/
Fireworks at 12 a.m.
And on the next day we went to Rakvere to see its castle.
Me & my dad (it was possible to wear funny clothes like these :D )
Horses ^^
In this castle, to show things that happened at medieval times, was also a torture chamber - different devices used to hurt people, a skeleton in a coffin and also these `dead people`
And later we went to hell - underground tunnels with different scary things around - skeletons appearing in a mirror, dolls with scary faces and so on. For me it was just fun, also when our guide hid behind a wall and touched everyone coming close to scare them, but not for some other people - never heard so much crazy yelling! :D
Me near a cannon.
Rakvere's symbol - a giant bull near the castle :)
And today I had an exam at Latvian typology of soil and vegetation. I thought it'd be the easiest one, and so were questions about soil (and also I often chat with this teacher, so have a motivation to learn everything :D ), but questions about vegetation was simply horrible. Everyone handed in almost empty papers, because in some tasks we had no idea what to do at all, not talking about our unability to learn 277 Latin plant names and where each of them grows. And next exam is biochemistry. I didn't want that day to come since 4th of September, when I had my first biochemistry lecture.
This one is my favourite slide from presentations. And underlined sentence (after finishing the biochemistry course all of these reactions should be known) simply kills me :D
Have fun and take care! :))
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