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Finland, fun & Nightwish ^___^

Hey! ^^ Finally I have time to write this post :) Last weekend was simply amazing! So I'll try to describe it, as I'm still full of emotions :)
... It was in 2008, I think, when my former classmate Aldis (thanks to him :D ) sent me Nightwish's song Bye Bye Beautiful, while we were making geography project with him and another girl. I heard about this group before, but didn't pay attention to it, so this was my first Nightwish's song. I started to listen to them, even though my mom always asked me, how can I listen to this kind of music (especially she `liked` Marco in a video I Wish I Had an Angel :D ). But their songs appeared more and more often in my playlists. At 5th of November last year I wrote in my blog that if they won't come to Latvia, I'll go to Helsinki to see them live. But I didn't mean it very serious. At New Year I decided that my aim for this year will be to do everything I find exciting (as before I very often said `no` just because of my laziness), and also to stop being afraid of talking with unknown people or shy. At 16th of January I bought a ticket to the mentioned concert & at 2:35 a.m. of 10th of March went to Helsinki to hear Nightwish & also meet Katja, her husband & Ksu ^^

On a ferry :) Only I can run through Tallinn and arrive at ferry terminal 1 minute before registration was closed :D
At Helsinki already ^^
On my way to meet Katja ^^
Before concert we went to the forest, it was so nice to see lots of snow (as in Latvia there isn't much of it), and also spring was already there ^^ Katja, you live in such a beautiful place, I always wonder how finns can combine together big roads, stations and other things like that with untouched nature :)
And at the evening we went to a concert ^^ I already said this after Amorphis, but now these words mean much more - it was the best concert I ever was to! Fantastic music, fantastic voices of Marco & Anette, fantastic show, fireworks, fantastic metal from Poisonblack, who sang before Nightwish - everything was perfect! After Marco sang his part of Scaretale, I really thought I was dreaming - so amazing it was ^^ And so emotional - especially The Islander (at least for me).
Such a big crowd.
My videos - Scaretale & The Islander :) Video & sound quality is really bad, but the main thing here is all these emotions :) Thank you, Marco, Anette, Tuomas, Emppu & Jukka!
The next day after concert we met Ksu and went to villa Elfvik :) Such a beautiful place and beautiful finnish nature, and also weather was very nice and sunny.
This day was very fun and interesting, and at the evening we ate very yummy pizza & watched some funny videos :)
And on Monday I already had to go home.
Photos from the ferry :)
In Tallinn, main idea of this photo is to show that it was +10°C :D
Tallinn bus station.
The weekend was amazing, it was so nice to meet Katja, Henri and Ksu in reality, not only via internet, and also to hug Pirozhok :) And, of course, to hear Nightwish. I really hope it wasn't the last time, as I would really like to enjoy this once again sometimes :)
And my next aim (connected to music) is to visit Tuska Open Air Metal Festival in couple of years :D
Have fun and enjoy the life! ^___^

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  1. Now we need Ksu's report ^^

    I'm glad you came ^^ (not because of the cookies you brought ^^). Just a few days passed, but feels like eternity, like it all was in previous life somehow. I checked info about Latvia online, seems you have kvass. I'm packing now! I want kvass *_*

    Just in case you want to see again those bands whose videos we watched, I'll write their names ^^
    La'cryma Christi (that pretty black hair)
    Acid Black Cherry (guys playing girls)
    Janne Da Arc *_*
    Madder Mortem (metal with a very cool woman)

    And that funny Japanese youtuber is Ryan NigaHiga ^.^

    1. Yeah, it's really like it was in previous life (although just a week ago we went together to villa Elfvik). We have kvass, I especially like Iļģuciema, if you ever come to Latvia (or I come to you again) I can bring it ^^ Or you can also try Lāču (bear's) kvass (it's unbottled and sold at some places on streets, that's also really tasty) :)
      Thank you ^^ As soon as I'll get my computer fixed (not laptop, which is so slow that it's almost impossible to play youtube videos on it), I'll listen to them again ^^


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