svētdiena, 2011. gada 3. jūlijs

One more fast post from Kolka :) I'm trying to write at tumblr every day, so here will be few last posts from there :)
First one is about bird watching, when we woke up at 4 a.m. Saw really beautiful sunrise, few rare bird species, was really great & it wasn't hot at all [here sun is shining every day, so it IS hot] :) On last photo is Kolka's popular white crow, have you ever seen something like that? :D
Second post is about the day when my best friend Linda with her boyfriend arrived, we spent all day together, caught grass snake & a lizard, was really fun :D And a wasp bit me for the first time in my life :D
And yesterday we had suck a big party here! :D Biologists from other courses arrived & also local guys went to our fire, everybody got totally drunk & we were acting like crazy :D Also on previous evening we were learning for a big test about forests [we had to learn all plants & also mosses and lichens in Latin, but they really look the same!] and writing funny thing on walls :D So in today's post first photo are with our text `tick in the back - bad for the tick`, next ones are from the party [on first one it's me & Baiba, on the second one it's me near Baiba's bed, when she `disconnected` & we put Arthemisia campestris on her bed, so she would think that she collected plants at night and just doesn't remember anything [how sick is that? :D ]]. And the last photo is from today - as all our room is half-sick, our teacher gave us garlic & we were eating bread with it :D
I have to go now, hope you enjoy photos :)
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