pirmdiena, 2011. gada 10. oktobris

As I've posted results of my photo hunt, now it's time to write about life :)
Despite it's really cold outside, I'm in a very good mood - today I wrote my biochemistry test, so can relax a bit (I also have to write a project in genetics, but that's easier than learning biochemistry). By the way, if nobody told me the right answers, I probably wouldn't have passed this test :D And today we also sang a funny song at biochemistry lecture :D You can listen to it and read lyrics here :D Biochemistry-related photos :D
Learning for the test
yesterday, watching F1
Japanese GP 2008 ^^
Today's test (we corrected our
tests by ourselves, this one is with
all correct answers).
Laboratory works, 03.10.2011
And if you know about my addiction to formula-1, you can guess what my German-flag-nails this week mean ^^
This Saturday I finally found time to go to the city of Cēsis :) I was there in winter, but this time the main idea was to go there with our bikes and drive a bit around the city and also to visit Eagle cliffs (Ērgļu klintis). I was learning biochemistry again, and the train was so full that I had to sit on the floor :D
But soon we got to Cēsis and went to see these Eagle cliffs (you can see where I was driving here). Really beautiful place ^^ Later we went back to the city and visited a park there. So, photos from that day:
In the wood
Shells near Gauja river
Gauja :)
Eagle cliffs
Grass snake & Eagle cliffs again
Beautiful autumn
Cute little frog
Cat & main church in Cēsis
Cēsu Castle
Photos with me will be in a next post ^^

2 komentāri:

  1. Those cliffs look awesome! You seem to know some magic spell - snakes and frogs just come to you to pose as you wish ^^

  2. I think for these ones it was just too cold, so they were very slow & didn't escape when I was taking photos :)


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