pirmdiena, 2013. gada 29. aprīlis

Happy Icegirl ^^

Heeey! ^^
A month passed since I wrote here something about my life, so I think it's time for a new post with some photos and news.
First of all, some time ago I was at our zoo again :) I finally bought myself a new camera I wanted for a long time (Sony A37), so I had to try it. It was raining, so it was quite dark and I didn't take many photos, just enjoyed the walk and animals ^^
The wolves were so cute and played with each other ^^
Lemurs love this big old turtle :D
You know I love polar owls ^^
Another day I visited almost every place in Riga, as I had an exam in nature photography and needed some photos for it. First I went to the sea in Mangaļsala, then to Langa river in Jaunciems, then got to the city centre and walked to Arkādijas Park to take a photo of waterfall ^^
Daugava river.
House of the Blackheads.
And these are 3 photos I handed in for the exam. We had to take a photo of landscape, macro photo and photo of flowing water. I got 10 for these ones ^^
And about some other news. 2 months ago I finally got dental braces. I wasn't ready for them for 7 years or more, but I told you already that I have some crazy motivation this year to do anything. First week was crazy, as I couldn't eat anything (I just drank yoghurt :D ), now I also have to think about what I eat, but it's quite ok. And the funniest thing is that I told that I will stop going to parties, I will sit at home, learn Finnish and so on when I'll get braces. My determination was ruined at first day already :D In last 3 weekends I wasn't at home almost at all, everyone's asking me to go somewhere. Two weeks ago my friend Nikija organized her birthday party in Latvijas 1. Rokkafejnīca, and she asked 3 awesome Latvian rock/metal bands to play there  - Wake Up, Rebel Riot & Bloody Heels. The event was awesome, my neck hurted so much the next day after crazy headbanging (guys from Bloody Heels are my bf's best friends, so we had to stand in the first row and be crazy! :D ). Some party photos (I checked out the rest of them and understood that it's better not to put them anywhere :D ):
Me, Anna, Evita, Mārtiņš, Sanda, Evita, Linda, Sigita and Laura at Evita's birthday party (23.03)
Me & Santa at the same party, we had some crazy photsession at the end :D
Then I handed in documents to apply for ERASMUS program and I got there ^^ Only 11 people from our faculty had a chance to go to another country (of course, if you want to pay for everything, everyone can go). And I will study at Itä-Suomen yliopisto in Joensuu ^^ So happy that I got to the city I wanted, and I'll have a chance to visit many concerts of my favourite Finnish metal bands, learn some more Finnish and meet awesome people. Now I have some time until September, and then I'll have to think about documents and everything else, and in January I'll already be there ^^
One more thing related to my studies I still can't tell you (hopefully I'll know about everything in May, I just don't like to tell about things before they happen), but the one I can tell you is that this Wednesday I'm going to Sweden for a couple of days ^^ We decided to go somewhere together with a group of people from our biomimicry project, this time just 4 of us are going, others will do it later, as it's impossible to plan everything so that everyone could go. This month I also finally opened my velo-season, it's quite late, but spring was really cold this year ^^ And yes - I have the most amazing boyfriend. By the way, Katja, I would love to introduce you to each other sometimes. I guess, it will be interesting for you to talk with animal & nature-loving vegetarian who listens to metal, is crazy fan of Lord of the Rings (I also watched the first movie finally! :D ) and other fantasy books/movies, writes stories & poetry and is born almost at the same day as you (12.12.) :D
Ok, this post is already really long, so I'll end it now and prepare for Sweden slowly ^^ By the way, today I passed (hopefully) another exam in practical ecology, so I will have lectures only on Wednesdays until June. But, of course, I have to write my bachelor's work & also make a prezentation about wolves, really don't want to :D
Have fun and take care! ^___^ And listen to metal ^^

trešdiena, 2013. gada 10. aprīlis

Innsbruck, Austria, 2008

Heey, my dear readers! ^^
I guess it's time finally to write another travel post, which will be about beautiful country called Austria. I was there during the same trip around Europe I told you before in March 2008. Unfortunately, we spent there just one day, so didn't see much of it.
Somewhere in Austria
First of all, you know that Austria has beautiful mountains? I never saw them before this trip, so the view out of the car window was simply awesome. I guess, I have more than 500 photos just with the views like this.
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