ceturtdiena, 2013. gada 28. marts

Sabaton, Eluveitie & Wisdom \m/

Heeey, my dear readers! ^^
Some time ago I told you that I finally got a ticket to one great metal concert in Riga. As it was two days ago, it's time to tell you about it. It was simply AWESOME! I still haven't got my normal voice, my back still hurts from standing near the stage for 5 hours, neck hurts from headbanging (for 4 hours!) and even my fingers hurt :D I'm not used to such crazy activities now, but it was totally worth it!
There were much more people than at Amorphis concert, me & my friends were there an hour before the concert (when they just started to let people in) and there were already people near the stage, I had to stay in 2nd row again. But I love this club for a possibility to be so close to bands on stage even if you're not in a front row ^^ It's not possible in those big concert halls.
First ones to sing were guys from Wisdom. And even though they were a support band, they were so great. Those 40 minutes passed like a few seconds.
Then came Eluveitie, the band I wanted to hear the most that evening ^^ Unfortunately, Anna was ill, so the band didn't play songs that she's singing (like A Rose for Epona), but still the show was amazing. And, as I already said, I love being so close to the stage.
After Eluveitie I went to buy some water, so when Sabaton started to sing, I was already in a huge crowd. And people went totally crazy :D I thought that even at metal concerts Latvians are calm a bit (as we're in Northern Europe after all), but I was wrong. We were jumping, yelling, singing songs and so on, I even thought that I can't become so crazy as I was then :D
And I still wonder if guys from Eluveitie & Sabaton really went to drink some beer with their fans, as they promised :D I had to leave even before the show was over to get to the last bus (I hate public transport for this), otherwise I would stay to check :D
And here are some videos for you :) Sorry for the shaking image (especially in Sabaton video :D ), I couldn't stay calm even while shooting videos :D The atmosphere was too crazy!
Wisdom ^^ I love the moment when Gábor is asking `seriously? It's a heavy metal concert!` :D
Eluveitie ^^ Thank you so f**king much!
And finally Sabaton ^^
Have a nice day/evening! And listen to metal! \m/

otrdiena, 2013. gada 12. marts

Verona, Venice & Lake Garda, Italy, 2008

Heey! It's awesome sunny weather outside that looks like it's spring already, so my today's post will be full of many sunny spring photos. And the country this week is Italy! ^^
We went there after seeing Brno and Austria (next post will be about Austria), and first city we arrived to was Verona. You know that this little city is famous because of Romeo & Juliet :)
Statue of Dante Alighieri & streets of Verona.
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