piektdiena, 2011. gada 30. septembris

Like - Don't like

Hello! :) This post will be about things I like and things I don’t, because I’ve received relay from Katja (thanks to her ^^). This time I’ll write in Russian and I’ll try to tell you facts which aren’t obvious (like that I love my family, friends etc.), weren’t mentioned here very often and also aren’t part of my `30 weird things about me` list. Some of them are a bit strange, but that’s what I tried to write. Enjoy ^^

pirmdiena, 2011. gada 26. septembris

A bit about music ^^

I'm now listening to songs from Amorphis new album, and I want to their concert more than ever ^^ And also I want to sleep very much, as I slept only 4 hours this nights :D But who cares, today is a nice day.
Last Friday I visited an event called `Students Paradise` - there were different concerts and stuff like that, it happens every year and loads of students come there to celebrate beginning of a new school year. I can't tell I liked it very much, but was ok. And a group Musiqq sang there again, I think I've been to at least six their concerts (although I don't like them) only because of my friends :D
Took a photo, really large croud :D
And a video of Musiqq singing `Angel in Disguise`, it's not from this concert, but from previous one, and taken with my mobile phone, so the quality isn't good at all. And also I found in my phone a video from Baltic Beach Party 2010, when I recorded The Rasmus singing `Sail Away` (Lauri is amazing, isn't he?). Since that day I listened to all their albums and they're one of my favourite groups :D So, both videos:
And a bit another photos :) On Thursday on a lecture about typology of soil & vegetation we went out again, this time - to an island of Zaķusala (Rabbit island).
This is our TV tower :)
And my nails this week - watermelons ^^
Finally, as I was talking about The Rasmus, two great songs. Video for `Sail Away` was filmed in Latvia, by the way. And in `October and April` like two parts of my soul are described *I'm ending up with some philosophy again*. Enjoy ^^

I'm just totally in love with freedom.

If you asked me what's my favourite book, I would think a bit, because I like many books, for example, Jules Vernes `Mysterious Island`, James Hadley Chase `Figure It Our For Yourself`, Stephen King `Pet Sematary` or Mikhail Bulgakov `The Master and Margarita`. But I would had an answer. It's definitely Jack London `The Call Of The Wild`. I remember like yesterday, that I was approximately 3 years old, sat on the floor in a living room, and my grandma read me this book. This book was really old and was written in an old Russian (I remember that male nouns were with the letter `ъ` at their endings, but also other words were a bit weird), so I couldn't understand everything even when I learned to read, but I asked my grandma to read me this book very often. Then I just liked that it was about a dog. Later I read it in English (also many other books of Jack London, he's an amazing writer), and now I love it, because, in my opinion, it's about freedom. About freedom and love.
There are three kinds of people, if talking about love, in my opinion. First ones live their lives without any idea what the love is. Those, who hadn't sunny childhood, and therefore they don't feel like part of this world and people around. The others know what love is, and they can live all life with their beloved person. And there are people (and I'm definitely one of them) who understood true meaning of the love, but can't accept the fact that they will be together with one person for the rest of their life. And they can't accept that they will never be free again, this freedom means much more to them than love, it calls them, away from everything common at least for a while. It makes them understand, how wonderful it is to live without any rules, like they want, not somebody else. Of course, leave everything and follow this call can only few of them. But when these invisible links tear, the border between an individual and freedom falls, and it's possible to get free forever. Like main hero Buck did it.
But if you asked me what's my favourite movie, I could think for an hours and still don't have an answer. Until yesterday. But now I have a movie which I like very much, and it's called `Into The Wild`. A movie about a guy who, after graduating from university, leaves everything and goes to Alaska to live in the wilderness. I don't know any movie which is so close to my inner being. I don't have so much courage to leave everything and enjoy freedom like main hero of this movie did (and it's based on real story), but it's the thing that I want the most somewhere deep in my heart. Of course, movie doesn't end well, showing what can happen if you don't think about future and just follow your crazy dreams. But maybe it's better to die on your feet than live on your knees.
If you've seen this movie or read this book, please let me know what you think about it :) Or tell me about your favourite books / movies :)
P.S. I'm always in that `thinking about life mood` at nights, and now it's 1 a.m., so this post is a bit depressive :)

pirmdiena, 2011. gada 19. septembris

There are so many people out there who will tell you that you can't. What you've got to do is turn around and say 'watch me'.

Finally I have some time to write here - it means, I'll show you some photos :) But first of all - I just found out that on 3rd of November in a club `Melnā Piektdiena` (Black Friday) in Riga will be a concert of Amorphis ^.^ I really want to attend it, hope somebody will come with me :)
Last Thursday we had a lecture about typology of Latvian soil and vegetation, and we went to the sea to learn about plants growing at the beach. We did the same at Kolka, but now it was really cold and weather wasn't good - the wind was so strong. I was half-ill, and had a sore throat and runny nose, so it was hard for me to walk at the beach for 3 hours, and after this lecture everyone was totally freezing. I'm sorry that I didn't have my camera with me, so had to take photos with my mobile phone.
View from the bird watching tower.
So great waves.
Planes were flying very often, as the airport is near.
On Saturday one of my friends Evita celebrated her name day - we went to the lake and had an awesome day there ^.^ From all these people I knew only Evita and another girl [also called Evita], so it was great to meet so many new great people :) Now just one photo, as I haven't got them all, maybe I'll show them later :)
Me, Rūta, Evita & Evita :)
And on Sunday I went mushrooming again. I got to Skulte by the train and then with my bike to a place called Stiene - nobody collects mushrooms there, so there are many of them. Unfortunately, I was a bit late, so all of them were big and old - but overall the day was nice :)
Cute little toad :)
I got 5 tick on me, looks like they simply love me.
My mushrooms :)
Hope you enjoyed this post ^.^
See you later! ;)

pirmdiena, 2011. gada 12. septembris

Kiwi nails :)

Recently I'm totally in love with nail art :) I don't know how I started to like it (I've never been interested into it), but in dark and grey autumn I need something positive :)
On Saturday I found a picture with easy and cute coloured kiwi nails, and tried to do something like that. Of course, I don't have any thin brushes or nail polishes in many different colours (and I can't draw really good, especially with my left hand), but I like my result :)
Original photo (above) and my result (far not as good as original, especially on this photo, but in reality I like it, looks positive & cute) :)

You can only come to the morning through the shadows.

Hello! :)
It's only 11 a.m., and I'm already home and writing a new post in this blog, as until 3rd of October I have only one lecture at Mondays :) It's biochemistry, and this Thursday we already have a test about proteins, we have to learn all amino acids (they're 20) and their chemical formulas, and so many more. Anyway, I know I'll do it, this year I've decided to stop wasting time and stop doing almost nothing for university :)
This weekend was simply terrible. Although weather was good, I was half-ill and had a massive headache for two days non-stop, and couldn't enjoy it. So I was just watching formula-1 in Italy, Sebastian Vettel won qualifying and the race again - and in the next race in Singapore he can become twice world champion :) But I'd rather prefer that he does it in Japan two weeks later :)
And now few photos :) Last week I was at my grandmothers garden, this year we have so many apples that it's impossible to collect them all at once, so I'm going there every week. This time I also had to remove all cannabis plants, that started to grew there :D They were so big :D
Autumn crocus flowers :)
And also some photos on my way to the garden (I'm going there by my bike)
And this one is view through my window yesterday evening :)
Now I'll finally have a normal breakfast, and then I plan to write one more quick post here, and after that start to write race reviews about F1 Belgian and Italian GP in my another blog :)
See you! ;*

ceturtdiena, 2011. gada 8. septembris

Sweet little words made for silence
Not talk
Young heart for love
Not heartache
Dark hair for catching the wind
Not to veil the sight of a cold world
Today I wanted to write a post with photos & other stuff (as always), but I simply can't, as since yesterday evening I'm only thinking about Yaroslavl Lokomotiv hockey team. I think everyone knows, what happened yesterday at 16:05.
I had lectures until 8 p.m., and at the time they crashed I was sitting and waiting for a lecture, and had a really strange feeling. Then I came home, and dad & mum asked me, do I know Lokomotiv hockey team. `Yeah,` I answered. `Great team with many great players, I loved them when they played in KHL.` - `Well, they're all gone...`
Life is unfear. As someone said, God needed a hockey team and he picked the best one. Of course, I didn't knew all players of this team, especially Russian, but I loved so many players from other countries. Pavol Demitra (Slovakia). Jan Marek (Czech Republic). Karel Rachunek (Czech Republic). Josef Vasicek (Czech Republic). They all were my favourite players in their national teams. And, of course, our beloved Iron Man Kārlis Skrastiņš (Latvia).
Condolences to all relatives and fans.
We'll miss you.

ceturtdiena, 2011. gada 1. septembris

My herbarium

In summer we had to collect 15 different vascular plants, 10 mosses and 10 lichens and make a herbarium, which we'll have to show to our teachers and answer their Latin names :)
I took photos of all my plants (it'd be easier for me to learn them all) and I'm showing them here :)

Hello, September! ♥

My timeline of blogs I follow here is full of posts about end of August and beginning of a new school year. And I can't say they're positive :D But I feel so nice today - first time in many many years (12 years of school & 2 years of university) I really waiting for new study year to begin (although I had almost no summer this year) ^.^
My lecture list (coloured lectures are those I have to visit) :) Biochemistry on Mondays (I think I gonna hate it :D ), general ecology, plant anatomy & human and animal physiology on Tuesdays, physiology also on Wednesdays (and German at 16:30 - 19:45 in addition), biochemistry & typology of soil and vegetation of Latvia on Thursdays, genetics and evolution on Fridays.
And this was my first 1st September, when I hadn't go anywhere (studies begin only on 05.09), so I'm finishing my herbarium, reading Bulgakov's `The Master and Margarita` and watching formula 1 (best moments of races in 2009 & 2010) again :) BTW, I'll take photos & show you my herbarium in a next post :)
But now another photos :) On 21st of August my best friend Linda had a name day, so we celebrated a bit and then went to Rīgas svētki (810 years birthday of Riga city). Fireworks were really nice, I loved it so much :)

On 24th of August I went mushrooming :) There were many people in this forest, but I collected enough mushrooms for a tasty sauce ^.^
I'm taking photos not only of mushrooms :)
This is a very strange mushroom, I saw it many times before, but still don't know its name :)
Yummy ^.^
This Monday I went to a forest with my teacher again (to finish all field works for my course work), and we collected some mushrooms again :) I like them so much ^.^
And few days ago I painted my nails again, this time - as strawberries ^.^ Don't know what's up with me now, but they look so cute :)
How are you feeling about 1st of September? :)
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