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As you know, this Thursday I was at Amorphis concert and I still haven't written anything here. This concert was AMAZING! The best one I ever was at. I even don't want to compare it with Musiqq, Enrique Iglesias, Rihanna and other concerts I've attended.
*photo from the internet*
I went to this concert with my mom [the best person to take to this kind of concert, lol], because all my friends from faculty went to newman's ball, but my other friends simply hate this kind of music.
There were also two support bands - NAHEMAH from Spain and LEPROUS from Norway. They were also great. While my mom sat aside (and next to her sat guys from NAHEMAH after they stopped singing :D ), I was standing almost next to a stage (in a second row, but could see everything perfectly) - two meters from Tomi Joutsen ^^
*this photo is also not mine, but I was standing almost at the same place, next to a girl who took it*
From their new album they sang Mermaid, My Enemy, You I Need & Crack in a Stone, and also many other older songs (which I don't know well), like House Of Sleep, Silver Bride, Sampo & Into Hiding.
As always, I didn't have my camera with me, so photos & a video are taken with my mobile phone. Sorry for the quality & enjoy!
NAHEMAH singing
Tomi ^^
*sound quality also is strange, as drums are the loudest, but lyrics its hard to hear at all*
Now I have seen live two groups of my top3 (Amorphis & The Rasmus), now only Nightwish is the one I simply need to see ^^ Who knows, maybe I will go to Helsinki at 10.03.2012 :D
And, by the way, today this blog becomes one year old. Thanks to all the people who read it, as I feel so much better when I can share my thoughts with someone else.

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  1. Congrats on 1 year anniversary and going to concert! ^_^

    I haven't seen Amorphis live yet. I only went to Nightwish's gig (I really should blog about it one day). But I hope to see many great Finnish bands. It's a shame to live in Finland and miss their concerts :DD

    I can't imagine my mom at Amorphis' concert ^^ She loves Nightwish though, but with Tarja only - she's die-hard fan of Tarja ^.^

  2. Thank you ^^
    It would be very interesting to read about Nightwish ^^ In Finland there are many great bands, I hope to attend Tuska Open Air Metal Festival sometime, but I need some crazy friends to come with me and also its a problem with free time in summer, as I have field practice in biology :/
    I also couldn't imagine that my mom would ever come to a concert like that (although when I'm listening to this kind of music, she can always tell which band is singing), but she even liked some songs :D
    It seems so great that your mom also loves Nightwish & Tarja ^^


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