otrdiena, 2012. gada 27. marts

Spring is coming ^^

Hi! :)
Just updated my wishlist finally with a photo from Nightwish concert & also my new mp3 player, and decided to write a post, as it may be last (I hope it won't) until May. Today I finally went to my teacher to talk about my course work. It must be handed in at 15th of May, but then teacher will be busy with Masters, so he said I must write everything at Easter holiday next week (until 10th of April), so he could read it and tell me what I'll have to change. It's easy to say that I must finish it already - but I haven't even started! :D And also I have to write 15 pages at ecology about one species (at least teacher allowed me to choose Carabus nitens, about which I already have literature, as it's part of my course work), and this project must be handed in until 14th of April :D Ahh, wish me luck, I hope I'll be able to write non-stop for 8 days (at Easter holiday week), as this week I can't start because of many tests :D
And some photos :) At 16th of March I went to Jelgava, as one of my relatives had his 30th birthday. Of course, I wasn't sitting at the table (as it's boring), but just walking around :D And took part in a race, where everyone had to drink a glass of ice-cold champagne (I didn't know that before), I thought my throat will simply die, as I did it in 3 seconds *and I also hate champagne* :D
 Cute cat ^^
This Saturday I went to university, as one girl from Masters asked me to read a lecture about our biomimicry project at Young Biologists School. I remember when I went to this School, when someone read lecture I wanted to eat, sleep and everything else, not listening to something, even if it was interesting :D And now I know how students who read these lectures to us felt - it's funny when you're telling something and almost everybody is so sleepy. At least they asked questions and looked at my friend Sandra, when I mentioned her and told that she was also taking part in this project :D But I'll probably show this presentation once again, when I'll finish all my university works and we'll finally start working for Botanical garden :)
And, of course, I can't afford not to put here a photo with these yummy chocolates from Finland ^^ Brought them to my friends, but ate at least one third of them by myself, so tasty they were :D And also big thanks to Katja for telling me to buy that very yummy anti-stress tea (my mom also likes it) & to Ksu for chocolate tea ^^
And this is a present for my mom (she recieved it at work at her bday on 19th of March) :D Last year she also got cucumbers, but they were so crooked, that I don't know where it's possible to buy so ugly cucumbers :D
And now I think I must finally go and study, plant physiology, biometrics & ecology are waiting for me... See you soon! *at least I hope so :)*

sestdiena, 2012. gada 17. marts

Finland, fun & Nightwish ^___^

Hey! ^^ Finally I have time to write this post :) Last weekend was simply amazing! So I'll try to describe it, as I'm still full of emotions :)
... It was in 2008, I think, when my former classmate Aldis (thanks to him :D ) sent me Nightwish's song Bye Bye Beautiful, while we were making geography project with him and another girl. I heard about this group before, but didn't pay attention to it, so this was my first Nightwish's song. I started to listen to them, even though my mom always asked me, how can I listen to this kind of music (especially she `liked` Marco in a video I Wish I Had an Angel :D ). But their songs appeared more and more often in my playlists. At 5th of November last year I wrote in my blog that if they won't come to Latvia, I'll go to Helsinki to see them live. But I didn't mean it very serious. At New Year I decided that my aim for this year will be to do everything I find exciting (as before I very often said `no` just because of my laziness), and also to stop being afraid of talking with unknown people or shy. At 16th of January I bought a ticket to the mentioned concert & at 2:35 a.m. of 10th of March went to Helsinki to hear Nightwish & also meet Katja, her husband & Ksu ^^
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