piektdiena, 2011. gada 27. maijs

Flowers everywhere around ^.^

Spring this year is really strange. It's almost June, and I'm still walking around with boots, not shoes, because it's really cold :D But nature doesn't care, so there are many flowers everywhere ^.^ Enjoy! :)

ceturtdiena, 2011. gada 26. maijs

Crazy May

I want to sleep so much :// But I can't - there's so much to do this month that I don't know how to organize my time to make it all. Actually, I feel like a zombie, I even don't want to eat - I just have breakfast & then drink peach juice rest of the day. That's sick. And I'm afraid of session so much this time - I don't know how I'll pass anatomy & Earth science.
Anyway, main idea of this post wasn't to complain, but to show you some photos. Last Saturday I was in a forest with my friend Sintija and my teacher - we did some research for our course works, after a month we will go there again to see results and collect insects that we caught. Was really funny, but this forest was so wet, there were so many fallen trees & bushes that it was impossible to walk there normally :D I killed ~200 mosquitoes and found 3 tick on me, lol. So, few photos (first four are taken by my teacher):
Measuring distance between a tree and glass for catching insects
Food finally :D Hah, I'm looking like an idiot, but what else could I wear if I go to swamp? :D
That's how we are catching insects
Cute tritons :)
And yesterday to Riga arrived biggest ship that ever was here - Costa Pacifica, so I went to see it after lectures. It wasn't so big as I thought, but still I took some photos :)
And at the evening I went to Mangaļsala, where Daugava river flows into the sea to see this ship there. I never saw so many people in this place, even in summer, lol :D Seems like in Latvia nothing else happens, so even this ship is interesting :D
Here you can see how this ship looks inside, really amazing :)
And now I'll watch formula-1 friday practice 2 in Monaco, so I'll show you some other pics later :)
See you! ;*

trešdiena, 2011. gada 18. maijs

Lights, Camera, Action!

Today was funny)) At our faculty of biology new movie is being filmed)) I was trying to find something at the internet, but there's no information, and also our dean and secretary didn't know, just anatomy teacher said that it will be a criminal film :D It was like `wtf?` for me, when I went to my BF and saw flag of USSR and not a common text `LU Bioloģijas fakultāte` on a board near door, but `Communist Party of the Soviet Union. City Committee, Sovietsk city` :D And after anatomy they even didn't let us go through corridor and told to shut up :D Hope I'll find out what a film is it :)
And now photos :)
Tomorrow I maybe will take my camera with me, so I'll take some photos if staff will let me :D
And today I also was at faculty of physics&maths, and there was a fire, lol :D When I came there wasn't smoke already, but smell was nasty :D And I even don't know what burned there, cause from outside everything looked ok, and also at the corridor at 3rd floor (somebody told that fire was there) also was nothing)) Great day :D
Bye for now! ;*

pirmdiena, 2011. gada 16. maijs

Finland World Champions 2011! :))

Haha, chose this title to my post, cause I'm reaaaaally happy now)) Yesterday Finland won this years ice hockey championship! They did it in 1995, but then I wasn't so crazy about this country (and also hockey) as I'm now, so I didn't care. And now my dream finally came true)) I was singing national anthem so loud that I woke up my mom, lol xD And today I even went to university, wearing clothes in colours of finnish flag))
My flag & moose :D And my today's look, lol xD
So, I'll shut up about hockey)) I promised a post some time ago, but had no internet for few days, then had no time, and then blogger wasn't working, so I'm finally writing it now :)
On 29th of April I went with my friend to Musiqq concert (they failed Eurovision, but what else could you expect if they had no show?) Was great (although I'm not a bit fan of them), and later we also went to `Prieks` and then went to my friends house, arrived there at 4 a.m., slept a bit, then went to the beach, was really nice)) This pic is from concert, quality is sooo bad, cause it's hard to take photos with phone, if everyone around is jumping like crazy))
And this pic I took returning home from my friend Linda, very beautiful clouds in Riga :)
And on these holidays I also was at museum night, but visited just 2 museums, National Theater and met actors from Dailes Theater at Galerija Centrs shop :D But was a great & funny night, talked with my friend about life a bit :)
And also since 26th of April I'm running every evening xD Now it's very hard, cause my leg which I hurt 15 years ago in that bike accident hurts (well, it hurts even when I'm walking, so there's no difference, I'm just trying to run slowly and short distances). You can see my workouts here :)
BTW, I totally forgot what I wanted to write, and also I don't have many other pictures.
See you later ;*
And ask me something if you have time http://formspring.me/MargaLV

svētdiena, 2011. gada 8. maijs

Hockey & Holidays

Post with photos which I promised, will be later (as I said, on Tuesday). Now just finished watching hockey - Latvia vs Austria. We stay in elite league (although we played horrible this year), that's good.
Yesterday I was at my best friend Linda, her mother had birthday. Other photos I will show you later, now just my look *was really cold outside, so I'm wearing boots, not shoes*:
Blouse - sent from Canada
Skirt - New Yorker
Boots - ordinary shop
 Necklace - gift from my cousin
Need to cut my hair a bit, ends after winter look simply horrible.
Have a nice day/night/whatever, I'm going to watch F1 repeat on TV ;*

ceturtdiena, 2011. gada 5. maijs

It's hockey world championship, and I'm supporting Finland instead of Latvia :D Unfortunately, yesterday they lost to Czech Republic...
*this photo I took while writing about field day in Earth science*
Have no time now, just uploaded photos from my phone to computer, so I will finish later ;) Maybe next Tuesday.
Have a nice day! ;*

pirmdiena, 2011. gada 2. maijs

Earth science field day, 28.04.2011

I wanted to show you pics from our field day last Thursday :) I really have no time now, as have to write 2 pages of text about it, so about everything else I will tell later, now just these photos *first is not mine*
Enjoy beautiful latvian landscapes ;)
Snow ^.^
Here we stopped to eat, really beautiful place :)
We are biologists, so we enjoy playing with animals more than looking on rocks! :D
Do you think Latvia is a beautiful country? :)
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