ceturtdiena, 2011. gada 13. oktobris

Just a quick post today :) 13th day of the month always seems to be so great (especially if it's Friday, well, today is Thursday, but that's not the point) :)
Today we were at LU Botanical Garden for a lecture in typology of Latvian soil & vegetation. Now we will have lectures there until December, and this place is so great - we can drink tea during lecture and after that simply walk around, as for students of Latvian University it's for free.
Beautiful flower :)
During lecture :D
And today me & my friends joined one international project in bionics :) Every country which joins this project has to make a team from 7-8 persons (biologists, engineers etc.), study different materials sent by organization (Greatbritain organizes this project) and until 21th of December make a presentation describing some project, how people could use processes of nature in their lives. I still don't know will we be in this `official list` or just as consultants (because there's no need of such a big number of biologists in this project), but still we'll get these materials and take part in it :)
And also we will work as a guides in this botanical garden (for free, of course) :) We'll make a team with two of my friends and think about different excursion and entertainments in this garden for children and also adults. I think we're a perfect team, as I can tell about insects & animals living there from the scientific side, Zane can do the same with plants & trees, and Sandra (although she's not into science so much) can think about different activities, which would be funny and interesting :) Next Thursday we will listen to advises and get some information and presentation (which was told last year to garden's stuff by a woman from Britain) and then we'll think about these excursions. By the way, I've always wanted to be a guide, I even wanted to study tourism, so there's my chance.
I tried something like that when I was at Kolka, because we organized Slītere Insects Night, and many people came there, so I had to help them with binoculars (our teachers were too busy to do that) and also tell them something about insects they looked at. Was fun, as I just finished 1st study year and didn't know much, and also I haven't prepared anything and just told random facts. But people were like `wow, that's so interesting`, even older people, not only kids. And I was like `wow, do they really like what I'm telling so much?` :D I was speaking for more than two hours about these insects, even couldn't talk at the end :D
Me ar Slītere Insects Night
So, I hope everything will be ok :) Wish me luck ^^

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  1. Good luck ^_^

    I think I imagined I perfect job for you. Being a guide for Latvian biological tourists in Finland :D I'm sure there are many Latvians who dream to see Finnish moss :DD

  2. Great idea :D That would be interesting :D


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