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October ♥

Heey! :)
Finally I'm here with a new post :) Didn't actually realize that I haven't written anything here since August, and it's October already. I will try to describe everything that happened, but this post will be quite short (mostly consisting of photos), as I want to sleep - today I woke up at 5 a.m. to watch F1 practice in Korea :D I'm weird, I know.
August ended with one great event - party at Kolka with my biologists for 1st course - Night on the Cape :) I helped to organize everything and also made a control point with my friend Anna at Night Track. Was fun (it's always fun to stick people together with adhesive tape :D ), and also my boyfriend joined biologists this year, so it was double fun to stick him :D
Chilling while 1st course is having fun :D
Well, we helped also a bit :) 
We went home on Sunday, 1st September, and at the evening we had one more event - student celebration Aristotelis, where students from every faculty of University of Latvia get together at Dome Square and try to show everyone they're the best. I guess, you know which faculty really IS the best? ^___^
1st course at Aristotelis :) You can also see me on the right :)
My lectures started on 2nd week of September, and I guess that I will love studying for Master's degree as much as I loved the Bachelor before :) This year I have 8 courses - Practical Biometry, Animal Evolution, Animal Ecology, Practical Entomology, Innovations (this one is obligate, and it's about business and economics, don't like it), Topical Problems in Biology, Ichthyology & Fish Ecology and Limnology. Quite much to learn, but it's ok, I like it. We already made some experiments in Ecology and Entomology courses - we had to collect all invertebrates we can find at our homes, then we tried to find invertebrates in different types of soil, and also we are feeding millipedes with different vegetables and see how they're growing :D
Cute ^___^
As lectures are only on Thursdays and Fridays, I'm working for the rest of the week. It's not so hard as it sounds, as now there are almost no samples at all, but I'm feeling like a zombie if I have to wake up at 6 a.m. every day :( But it's still fun - for example, one day we received a package with cannabis plant :D
Cannabis & view through my window ^^
One more challenge I accepted in September - I moved to my boyfriend's place, so I feel like an adult now with all these things I have to think about and do. But well, if I will have to live in Finland alone for half a year, I must get accustomed to it...
A little river near our house :)
And, of course, I can't do without parties, as many of my friends have Name days :) The best party was Evita's Name day, as we celebrated it at the lake shore. Me and my boyfriend leaved at about 3 a.m., but some people stayed until sunrise :D
Me & both Evitas :)
All of us :)
And yes - I have some more photos in my camera, but I'm too sleepy to write a normal post. Hopefully I'll soon show you photos from two little bike trips (to Dole island and to Stiene to collect mushrooms) and from Sweden (finally :D).
P.S. And tomorrow (06.10.) me & my boyfriend will celebrate 6 month together :) Today we were walking in the forest and making hedgehogs from pine needles :D
Have fun & take care! ^^
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