sestdiena, 2011. gada 10. decembris

Hey! :)
Finally I have a bit time to write something here :)
First of all, I want to say a big thanks to Ksu for a Christmas card that arrived yesterday! It was so sweet, I couldn't stop smiling all evening :) And I was very surprised that it arrived so soon, seems like Latvian post service works better than I thought (it was no doubt about Finnish, only about LV). Once again - thank you, Ksu ^^
And today is almost a month since the `magic date` 11.11.11. I wanted to write a post then, but had no time. So - what do you think about these magic dates? :) I always remember what I did on these days, since 05.05.05 :D And this year we had a lecture in genetics, and it seems like all our course made a wish at 11:11. I also took a photo then :)
Last Saturday I went to my grandma on my bike - this year December really isn't like it was two previous years :/ It's so warm and without snow. Only on 7th December at the morning there was something like snow lying on the ground and falling from the air when we had lectures, and also yesterday, when I went home from uni, it was snowing. But snow is still wet, as it's +1°C outside. So, few photos from 03.12:
Me :D
Road through the forest near our house.
Sunset ^^
New tram :)
Alfa shopping center :)
And yesterday my best friend had her 20th birthday, so tomorrow we'll celebrate it & I must do something for university now :)
Hope you are having a wonderful day :)

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  1. Happy that you like it) I also was surprized that it took just... one day)))) because I sent it on Wed. in the evening and on Friday you already got it)))
    Wish you nice funny weekends)

  2. I didn't know that in Latvia you also have a separate side of a road for bikes ^^

    I used to bike when I was a kid, but then I forgot how.. :D

  3. Ksu, thanks :) I also was surprised that my card also arrived soon (if you count holidays, when our post isn't working) :)

    Katja, in some places we have, but they're always full with people, so it's impossible to drive sometimes. They should visit Helsinki sometimes, after one day spent there I never even step on these roads for bikes :D And it's impossible to forget how to ride a bike, I think :) You must try, and everything will be ok :)
    And with all this crazy running around and no internet I missed your birthday :/ So - I wish you lots of luck, love, happiness and everything you want! And stay positive ^^

  4. Aww, thank you! ^___^

    The puppy is soooo cute! *_* *_* *_*


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