pirmdiena, 2011. gada 24. janvāris

Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.

A week has passed already after my holidays started, and I still haven't done anything I wanted. Again and again I understand, that for me making plans is the first thing to fail. I only can do something and go somewhere if I decide it in the last moment, cause then everything goes much better than if I tell someone about this or plan it. So it seems like I'm not going anywhere in these holidays, although I had so many chances... My friend is celebrating her 18th birthday on January 28th; Dad adviced me to go to Finland till February [ok, he was angry then and simply didn't want me to bother him, but I really liked this idea, even though it seemed that I should go to Estonia and then to Helsinki alone and live there alone, too *but sometimes I like to be alone, cause I can't feel freedom if I'm with someone, and freedom is a thing that I rate really high in my life*]... Then, instead of Finland I decided that I maybe could go to Tallinn for a day; and so much everything else. But now it seems that I'm not going anywhere, cause I'm half ill after this weekend. Ok, let's stop talking about bad things! xD
Some pics, when I went for some walk on Friday night... Not a good quality, cause it was really dark.
And on Saturday I woke up at 4 a.m. and went to Cēsis. Unfortunately, weather wasn't good, so photos don't show real beauty of nature, snow and trees :)
At 5 a.m. in train xD Sleepy and totally freezing!
Canker-berry covered with snow.
Sculpture of a man near Cēsis church.
This rock on which I am standing, is as high [above sea level] as gilded rooster on St.Peters church in Riga :)
Really positive house! Would like to live there :)
Trying water from spring xD Not a good idea in winter, if it's so f*cking cold! xD
Winter trees... Imagine how beautiful this picture would be, if there would be blue sky, cause now everything looks gray and sad, but otherwise it would be simply beautiful!
Me at Žagarkalns... Ahh, you can't imagine how I love snowboarding and how hard it was for me to stand there, watching how everyone is having fun... If I had some clothes with me [so I shouldn't go home wet in cold train for 3 hours together] I would rent a snowboard and have so much fun...
Simply beautiful :)
Me in Cēsu castle, near its model.
And this is Cēsu castle itself :)
Somewhere inside it :)
I was given such a funny lamp xD
Talking with grandma on my mobile phone xD
These stairs led to underground prison... Can't imagine how it was for poor people to sit there for years!
Totally exhausted in cafe
Trying to get warm with hot chocolate & vanilla coffee xD
Ok, it's enough photos I think... Just read somewhere on the internet that in 2013 maybe one of WRC stages will be held in Latvia. Don't know, maybe it's again a stupid rumor, but if it would be real... Ahh, I would be so happy if I could attend rally where Raikkonen is driving now! My biggest dream is to get his autograph & have a photo with him, cause when I went to Hungary for a F1 race, we couldn't get there on Thursday for a paddock walk, and also I didn't know in which hotel will he stay, and even if I did, I couldn't get there, cause we had no car... So now rally is the only alternative, but I can't afford to go to other country, cause you simply should have a car if you're attending rally to follow drivers through different stages, but I haven't. But if rally would be here, I'd somehow get to know everything and get to podium, autograph-sessions hopefully and at least to one stage...
And also I decided [plans again, so not much chances for me to make them true] that I simply HAVE TO go to a F1 race again! I want to paddock walk, run a lap around Hungaroring, get some pics in places where I wasn't in 2009, and do much more, cause now I know where everything is located and how to get everywhere, a place where drivers are going to their hotels, so if you wait there you can see them, and much more. After Raikkonen left F1 I told to myself that I won't attend any race if he wouldn't be there, but now Seb Vettel is a new hero for me in F1 *he was since his first race, but then there was Raikko, so I didn't care about anyone else*, and since he won Championship, I want to see him again. Yeah, and also I want Sony A580 camera.
God, I wrote so much today.
So - bye for now, and wish me luck... ♥

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