otrdiena, 2011. gada 22. novembris

Hi! :)
Sorry for disappearing for a while from here. And I think that I won't have a chance to write here soon, maybe until my winter holidays, starting at 24/12.
Next week will be so crazy - I have an exam at plant anatomy, two tests at German & typology of soil and vegetation, must translate and make a presentation about scientific paper at ecology (about aspen related beetles & bugs in Finland), write ten pages about mutations in genetics. And everything must be written and handed in next week.
And also there's this biomimicry project [we finally started thinking about everything for it, so have to analyze many materials & data] and work at botanical garden, so we'll have to spend 3 hours there next monday to learn something more about plants growing there. And my course work with counting and sorting such a big amount of beetles [must finish until New Year, as nothing is written yet, and this spring everything has to be ready].
And also today one of Latvian banks was closed, so there's no chance to get money these days or pay at shops with cards. And, of course, this is my bank - I wanted to buy many things, and now just have to wait, without knowing anything how and when I'll get my money back, and also I will have to make a new bank account for a money from university [and you can imagine how many people are everywhere, doing it, as this bank was popular].
So I don't know how I'll make it, as I'm totally down right now.
But everything will be ok, right?
Yeah, and also I've applied for a job at Lithuania for this summer [project for three years about habitats].
Have fun and take care.
*photo's not mine*
Your Icegirl.

sestdiena, 2011. gada 5. novembris


As you know, this Thursday I was at Amorphis concert and I still haven't written anything here. This concert was AMAZING! The best one I ever was at. I even don't want to compare it with Musiqq, Enrique Iglesias, Rihanna and other concerts I've attended.
*photo from the internet*
I went to this concert with my mom [the best person to take to this kind of concert, lol], because all my friends from faculty went to newman's ball, but my other friends simply hate this kind of music.
There were also two support bands - NAHEMAH from Spain and LEPROUS from Norway. They were also great. While my mom sat aside (and next to her sat guys from NAHEMAH after they stopped singing :D ), I was standing almost next to a stage (in a second row, but could see everything perfectly) - two meters from Tomi Joutsen ^^
*this photo is also not mine, but I was standing almost at the same place, next to a girl who took it*
From their new album they sang Mermaid, My Enemy, You I Need & Crack in a Stone, and also many other older songs (which I don't know well), like House Of Sleep, Silver Bride, Sampo & Into Hiding.
As always, I didn't have my camera with me, so photos & a video are taken with my mobile phone. Sorry for the quality & enjoy!
NAHEMAH singing
Tomi ^^
*sound quality also is strange, as drums are the loudest, but lyrics its hard to hear at all*
Now I have seen live two groups of my top3 (Amorphis & The Rasmus), now only Nightwish is the one I simply need to see ^^ Who knows, maybe I will go to Helsinki at 10.03.2012 :D
And, by the way, today this blog becomes one year old. Thanks to all the people who read it, as I feel so much better when I can share my thoughts with someone else.
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