ceturtdiena, 2012. gada 28. jūnijs

Jāņi, graduation & some fun :)

Hey! :)
Finally I'm writing here almost at the day I planned to do it :) Now there will be second semi-final of Euro 2012 (Germany vs Italy *and I love to sing national anthems, as I know these two :D*), nice background for writing about everything that happened last week & this week :)
Last Tuesday I went to Roja with my best friend Linda for few days. I haven't been there since 2009, so it was much fun for us to walk around, singing many old and weird songs (from summer-2009) like Alexander Rybak - Fairytale, Skillet - Comatose & Dima Bilan - Believe :D Ahh, memories ^^
And on Friday I went to a graduation at Latvian University, as Bachelors and Masters finished faculty of biology, and I have many friends from 3rd course. Was nice, and later we went to celebrate a bit. And I can't believe that next year I'll also get Bachelor's degree and have a graduation!
Me & Evita (she finished 3rd course) and me with the diploma :D
Sandra & Evita. There are not many photos with me, because I love taking photos of others, and these from graduation are very nice, I think :)
Me, Evita & Sandra.
A poster with our drawings at plant physiology lectures (I think there aren't even all of them) :D Most drawings are by me, Sandra, Zane, Alīna & Edgars. My favourite drawing is the husky ^^
And on 23rd & 24th of July me, Gerda & Evija celebrated Līgo & Jāņi. We went to a cinema town called Cinevilla, as it was the biggest event this year. Well, it would be nice, but it was so windy that we couldn't make a tent, and it was SO cold :D
Me & Gerda waiting for a train (we thought we missed it, as schedule was a bit incorrect). And me at the festival already :)
Collecting some flowers for the wreath :)
The fire :)
Latvian rock band Pērkons (Thunder) playing.
And at the end a song for metal fans :) Some time ago I started to listen to Latvian folk/pagan metal band Skyforger (of course, I heard about them before, but never had time to listen). And you know - it turned out that Latvians can also make some great metal :D
And Italy is now 2:0 ahead of Germany. I couldn't expect this! :D But at least the game is much more interesting than Spain vs Portugal yesterday :)
Bye for now! :) Next post I'll write from Taurene already, I guess :)

otrdiena, 2012. gada 26. jūnijs

Valmiera - Cēsis

Hey! :)
Finally I'm writing a post here again, and today I'll tell you about my little trip from Valmiera to Cēsis (about which I wrote in previous post). And show some photos, of course :)
First of all, we went to Valmiera by train, and spent there few hours. The city is very beautiful, by the way.
Gauja river
Me on a bridge
Beautiful view
Kazu krāces (Goat's rapids). I don't know, why they're called like this, but the view is beautiful again :)
A church.
After some time we stopped to eat. I had a cycling route guide (through North Latvia and South Estonia), where was a description of this route. I thought that there will be a normal road. I was so much wrong :D
At first we saw some cows, but I thought that this road through a meadow will end soon. Well, it ended, but then we had to drive through a forest. With sand and many tree roots. About 40 km between these two cities isn't a big distance for me, but just if there was a normal road :D
Cows ^^
Nice colors :)
After some time we got to Sietiņiezis rock. It's a very beautiful cliff near Gauja river.
That's why it's called `Sieve Rock` - wild bees make holes in it :)
And after some time (about 8 km) we were at Cēsis finally.
Cēsu castle. I saw a bus with tourists from Finland there :)
And that's all for today, I guess. I want to finish reading `Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea` finally :) Started reading it just because I love `The Mysterious Island` (third book of this trilogy) so much, but never read first two (just started and didn't like them). And you know - this book is also awesome :) Just about 50 pages left, and then I'll start reading `In Search of the Castaways`. Hope I'll finish it until field practice in Taurene, which starts at 2nd of July.
Tomorrow I'll maybe write about something else, as I have some other photos to show you :)
Have a nice evening! :)

piektdiena, 2012. gada 15. jūnijs

A nightingale in a golden cage

It's almost 1 a.m., and tomorrow I must get up early and go to my faculty... but I'm still reading a book. This book really is an addiction, I don't even count how many times I read it before.
Just finished reading 2nd part. Now the question is - to start reading 3rd or go to sleep finally? :D
P.S. My this week's song. It's awesome! And so is the video (although I've never seen Lord of the Rings).
P.P.S. On Saturday I'll finally go by my bike from Valmiera to Cēsis - I have this idea for few years, but always thought that it's far a bit. And I'll have to get up at 5 a.m.
Have a nice day night :)

otrdiena, 2012. gada 12. jūnijs


Finally finished reading all blogs I follow and I'll finally write something here :) Almost forgot how it is to have a blog - but now I'm free until 2nd of July, when I have to go to Taurene with my biologists (and then to Kolka until 4th of August). So my summer can begin finally ^^ And no more homeworks and tests *on this photo - my last homework - a `book` for defining plants, I thought I will become crazy with it*
By the way, thanks to Nightwish for inspiration :D
And this is my course work - also one of the craziest things ever that I was trying to write *next year bachelor's work is awaiting me :D*
One day we also had a lecture in a zoo, so I'll show you some photos with cute animals again :)
I guess, Piks and Periskops want a girl giraffe at our zoo :)
Cute kitty :)
Cow's eyes are looking a bit weird, like lightnings :)
My favourite frog :D
And I love polar owls ^^
Cute little baby camel ^^
And a video with hippos, they're so lazy :D
Also we had a lecture at Botanical garden, I didn't have my camera with me, so took some photos with my mobile phone :) If you have a chance - visit Botanical garden in spring, it looks awesome then :)
And last photo - TV tower, I was on my way home from Linda's house (again I went there by my bike - much better than by bus :) Just far a bit).
I hope all of you are enjoying the summer :) See you soon! :)
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