pirmdiena, 2011. gada 31. oktobris

Sorry for disappearing for a while from here, but I'm back ^^ I think not for a long time, as now at every free minute I will have to go to my teacher & sort out, count and define insects which we caught in May for my course work. And also I'm really between these eight people, representing University of Latvia and Botanical garden at biomimicry project, about which I told you some time ago, so every Thursday I'll have to go to conferences to talk about this project. And also we'll have to learn everything about Botanical garden and plants growing there [so we could know about which of them to prepare excursions]. The rest of this year will be crazy, but some courses [like plant anatomy & typology of Latvian soil and vegetation] will end until the end of November, so it will be easier.
I think you know what this photo means - this Thursday I'm going to Amorphis concert ^^ I also really wanted to go to newman's ball at our faculty, but it seems that all the good things always happen at the same day, so I chose this concert :)
And now about everything what happened since I last time wrote here something about my life.
On 14th of October we had Bio-night - an event organized by 1st course for other biologists. I didn't have my camera with me, but there was a photographer, so I have some photos. Unfortunately, I was there just for an hour, and then I went to a movie with my friend [we wanted to meet for a talk for such a long time, that didn't want to postpone it again].
Me, Zane, Undīne, Edgars, Artūrs, Agnese, Egija.
A man in the middle is our dean :D
1st course were showing a performance about our teachers, was so funny :D
Ballerina :D This part of a performance was about our physics teacher, and it was the funniest, I guess. This teacher has a Russian accent when he's saying some words [like lambda and ballerina], and sounds so funny when he's talking in Latvian. And when he's talking about rotation, he's always drawing such a funny ballerina on a blackboard :D
Last Tuesday I had my 20th birthday. I promised to bring kid's champagne to my friend, and also I bought some donuts :)
Celebrated a bit in faculty's cafe with my girls, my friends from 3rd course and even ecology teacher :D And on Saturday we celebrated it with my relatives. By the way, I came to a conclusion for another time, that people have no imagination. Almost everyone from the relatives asked me what I want to receive as a present, and after my answer that I don't know, everyone gave me money. Of course, that's also positive, but the best gifts don't have to be valuable. I'll talk about those [from my friends] which I loved the most :) 1st place goes to my best friend Linda, who just congratulated me, saying: `I wish to you that one day all the world of formula 1 will raise a glass for you! And you will celebrate your bday together with Kimi & Heikki!` That was the best birthday wish I've ever heard :) 2nd place goes to my girls from faculty, who bought me a small cake, lit a candle and came to ecology lecture singing happy birthday song for me ^^ My mom gave me 5 red roses, and dad - 9 really big yellow roses ^^ And some other gifts:
Finnish dictionary from my dad ^^
Body yoghurt & soap from my friends from faculty ^^

Some other photos from birthday:
Me & Linda
My cake ^^
Me with a cake ^^
I was talking about Raikkonen then *I always celebrate his and Heikki's birthday together with mine* :D
Linda, my mom and me :)
And I think that I will end with these photos, as it's almost 2:30 a.m, and I'm still up, watching F1 race replay in India :D And tomorrow I will have to get up at 7, go to biochemistry and then work with insects. And also students from 1st course will come and I will have to tell them what I'm doing :D
Goodnight everyone ;*

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  1. Amooooooorphis *_*

    My hubby has the same dictionary but he uses it to learn Russian :) We bought it in Moscow ^.^ Much cheaper there. His study book for Russian course here costs 39 euros! O_O

  2. By the way, I started to like Amorphis when I saw their music videos in your blog ^^
    In Finland everything seems to be so expensive.. But also in Latvia books are expensive - for example, Latvian-Finnish dictionaries here cost approximately 15 lats, these one was bought for 4 lats, because its Russian :)

  3. So I'm spreading passion for Amorphis... :) Glad to know it works ^___^

  4. Yeah :) And it really works, their songs are great ^^


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