pirmdiena, 2012. gada 30. aprīlis

Jackie Chan

Hey! :)
Today I was in Jelgava and I want to share some photos with you again. But not simple photos of the city (I'll show you them later). I went to Jelgava to see Jackie Chan ^^ Sounds unreal, right? :) But he's filming some episodes for his new movie, called Chinese Zodiac (it will be released at 12.12.12.)
As I'm not a big fan of him, I wasn't prepared for this event, so I just took some photos. But some people also got his autograph (as they had big photos of him, so staff took them & Jackie signed). But I'm sharing photos with you :)
This is the place where they're filming :)
And this photo I took from the sightseeing tower in the city.
You can see Jackie :)
And here they're filming some episodes :) One woman had a polecat, and actor, who is playing the bad one in this movie (you can see him hanging on this photo), came to her and took this cute little animal :)
There were so many people around, and when they stopped filming, Jackie finally came to us. The poster says `Sorry, I am too tired, but I love you all!`
Jackie also touched everyone's hands *so I'm not washing mine for at least a month :D *
Today was awesome :) Even though I was standing there for such a long time, that my face is red from the sun and it hurts so much now :/
So, if you want to see Jackie, you have two days left (until 2nd of May) :)

svētdiena, 2012. gada 29. aprīlis

Crazy spring ^^

Hey! :) Just returned back from my little bike trip, and I'm sharing some photos with you :)
Each spring I go to Jaunciems to take photos of windflowers (Anemone nemorosa). So this year also wasn't an exception, but after that I decided to drive a bit around, went to the sea and so on.
I so much love this view ^^ It's definitely worth going there every year :)
And this time I also found a hollow, where I think wild bees were living last summer, as there were empty honeycombs. Never saw them in the wild :)
Then I went to a small river called Langa, where I couldn't walk away without taking photos of these water snails :D There are 3 species of them :)
And also I saw water striders there :)
Horsetails :)
And then I drove through a forest, where I found a tower for monitoring forest fires. It was more than 30 m high. And of course I had to climb up there :D Today was very windy and it was shaking so much I couldn't even stand there. And I had just one question - what the hell I'm doing here? :D But the view was amazing.
I could even see TV tower!
Me on the tower & the view from the ground :) Even on this photo it looks so unstable. I am normal? I guess not :D
Some random photos in the forest :) And then I went to the sea. Also very beautiful view :)
And last photo is on my way home. You can see this tower I was at (with red line around).
Hope you liked these photos :) Bye for now! :) *I must finally write my course work, I guess*

trešdiena, 2012. gada 25. aprīlis

100th post

Hi! This one is my 100th post (if I count unpublished ones), and it will be sad, as I can't stay silent again, everyone's talking about it.
We have a nature park in Līgatne, and last Sunday a bear called Made escaped from her territory. She did it last August, too, but then she was found and returned back. But this time it was decided that it's too dangerous, and the bear was shot.
Only a human can do such a thing. To feed an animal for seventeen years, and then decide that it's too dangerous. Although it's so easy just to check a fence - and Made couldn't have an opportunity to escape.
At least she's now in a better world than this one. Without betrayal. Without evil.

otrdiena, 2012. gada 17. aprīlis

Swans & Sunset

Hi everyone! ^^
It's time to go to sleep, as I have to wake up early (or I must write my course work instead), but I'm reading blogs and decided to write a post. And tomorrow I definitely will regret that I did nothing for school. Somebody could just sit near me and tell me every second `write your course work!`, or I'll never finish it.
Anyway, the main idea was to show you some photos. My mom finally celebrated her bday (which was on 19th of March) last Saturday, and I went to my grandma's house by bike, so on my way back I drove along the lake. There I saw swans and I was standing for about a hour near them, as they're so beautiful & I love how they hiss at me ^^
Now I'm also trying to go to university by bike when it's not raining. Such a nice way to relax & enjoy nature a bit. The main problem is the 10,5 km distance (hope it'll be easier soon) and the fact that I live on 5th floor, my bike is a bit heavy for me to carry it easily :D
Last Thursday it was a Game Night at our faculty, everyone went home at about 9 p.m., but me and four of my friends had a big party at the basement until 11 p.m., when the faculty was closed :D *someone should also tell me not to party, as I have to write course work* Next day was also fun, as we had laboratory works with fish (and again we had that nice teacher I wrote last year about ^^), and we had to define species.
And maybe I really must go to sleep now :)
Have fun and take care! :)

svētdiena, 2012. gada 8. aprīlis

Photopost: Dumpling soup

This post is especially for Ksu :)
Some time ago I read in her blog a strange recipe, how to make dumpling soup. And today I went to my grandma and me & mum tried to make it :) So, I'm sharing this with you.
For this soup you will need:
400 g of dumplings (I took really small ones, called `little babies`)
200 ml of milk (this was the strangest part)
1 paprika
leek (I took just the white part)
100g of melted cheese
sour cream, rosemary, black pepper.

sestdiena, 2012. gada 7. aprīlis

Hey, Happy Easter everyone! ^___^
Me & Mum just coloured our Easter eggs, so I'm sharing photos with you :) We always spend so much time on eggs & try to make them colorful, using just natural things like onion peels, parsley leaves, rice, tea...
And this little basket with eggs is a gift for every reader of my blog :)
P.S. Dad's listening to radio, tomorrow will be snowstorm and on Monday will be -11 degrees :D
P.P.S. Ksu, I bought everything for soup with dumplings, milk & melted cheese, this evening I'll try to make it and soon I'll write a post, how it was :D
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