pirmdiena, 2011. gada 17. oktobris

Happy Birthday, Kimi!

Today is so beautiful weather outside, and I'm walking around smiling like crazy, just don't know why :D
Or maybe I do - today is 32nd birthday of Kimi Raikkonen :) So, in this case, I'll write here one of my verses in English. I wrote it in 2009, when Kimi became 30 years old ^^

It's rainy, but I love this day –
October seventeenth for me
Is celebration anyway –
And it will always, always be.

Today's your birthday, Kimi, so
For me it's celebration too
And I don't care that I don't know
What’ll happen in F-1 to you.

You make me smile, I learnt from you
To be myself and let past go,
I didn't know, but now I do –
Today's a gift for us, and so

Congratulations, Kimi, and
Try to remain as good you are
You are my Champ, just understand
You'll always, always be my star!

This photo was on a desktop of my computer, when I was with biologists at Kolka, and at least five persons asked me, is it my boyfriend :D

And this is my favourite video about Kimi :)

This week will be crazy I think, as I have tests everywhere, but somehow I'll do it, I know :) Yeah, and tomorrow I'll be 20 years old. Don't want for this day to come :/

4 komentāri:

  1. Aww, so cute ^.^

    And happy birthday! ^_^ I guess it's pretty cool to be born almost in the same day as his birthday :)

  2. Thank you :)
    Seems that I really wanted to be born at the same day as him, because I should be born in November, not October :)
    But now my birthday is a day between Kimi & Heikki Kovalainen birthdays ^^ So I always celebrate all of these three days - 17/10, 18/10 and 19/10 :)

  3. I was supposed to be born on December 6 but I decided to wait till Dec. 13,as it was Friday, 13 and with a snowstorm ^^

  4. Friday, 13th seems like a perfect day for a birthday ^^ And also snowstorm ^^
    By the way, I was also born on Friday :) And Friday, 13th are always lucky days for me :)


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