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Suomi ♥ ...again ^^

Good morning! ^.^
I woke up at 7 a.m. today just to write this post before I must go to field practice at Kolka (as with my slow laptop there I will write it forever) :D And I guess this post will be really long (although I tried to write in short), as I will write about Finland, about some awesome days I spent there :) So, take some tea and prepare for reading & photos ^^

Day 1. Helsinki
As there were no cheap tickets to a night bus, I went to Tallinn at 10 a.m., it was the first time it wasn't dark all this way.
Pärnu river
I had time to listen to three Nightwish albums, and finally arrived to Tallinn and then by a small Linda Line ferry went to Helsinki :)
On a ferry already

trešdiena, 2012. gada 18. jūlijs

A bit about July

Heeey! :)
Today I planned to write a post here finally, but it seems that it will be just a quick post, as after 10 hours I have a bus to Tallinn and I should get some sleep :) I feel like I don't live in Riga anymore, in July I was at home just for 3 nights and 2 days :D Field practice in Taurene, Sea & Fishermen Festival in Roja and now Helsinki ^___^
First of all, about Taurene. I went there on 2nd of July, and I had an idea to go there by my bike (by train to Cēsis and then 37 km by bike to Taurene). And, of course, it was raining :D When I got to Taurene, I was completely wet, but it was much fun :D
I look great on first photo, I know :D And the second one is at our house, called Lodes muiža.
My friends :) A frog, of course, and a cute little viper ^^
On a first week we had to dig 7 holes (or graves, as we call them) to see soil horizons. Not an easy work, but we managed to have fun with these holes too :D
On Sunday (08.07) we had an excursion around lake Ilze. It was raining, so this photo is from another day, when weather was much more beautiful :)
And we also collected strawberries ^^ They were so big, juicy and sweet, in Riga they aren't so great. Or maybe that's because me and Zane collected them near the graveyard :D
Near our house there were many cows (you can see our house in this photo, too). So almost every evening we went to a nearest farm to buy some milk ^^ I don't remember when I drank so much milk as in Taurene :D This photo is taken at about 6 a.m., when we went birdwatching.
And when we had a lecture about birds, we went to control bird cages. In one of them we found eight great tit's babies :) I didn't want to scare them with flash or put my camera close to them, so the quality is bad, but that's not the point :)
And one night we went to catch bats :) We had to cut their hair a bit, as scientists from Germany have a project, where they examine chemical composition of hair and can tell from what place or country these bats are.
Isn't she cute? ^^
And we also tried to catch a corncrake for few times, as it's +/- easy to do it (you need just its voice and a lamp). We (me, Artūrs and our teacher) caught it just once and put a ring on his foot.
Beautiful :)
And on the last day, of course, we wrote something on walls. What else could I write there? :D
On my way back to Cēsis, I went by bus to Bērzkrogs, and then went to Cēsis by bike. Beautiful view everywhere :)
And you know what? It started raining again! :D Weather just loves me, I know.
This is in Cēsis already. Weather was perfect again, when I got there.
And some words about Roja :) Every year there is Sea & Fishermen Festival, there are many concerts, attractions and so on.
 Roja sea port :) And a boat from Espoo ^^
It's possible to take a ride with a ship for half a hour. This one was the biggest this year, we were on the smallest one :) Great wind, waves and the feeling of freedom :)
This year there was also Latvian Strongmen Championship :)
Neptune :) Every year he comes out from the sea :) And fireworks :) At the evening there was also a concert, and Latvian singer Lauris Reiniks sang there. Some songs were so old (from 2003), and me, Linda and Samanta also sang them, so many memories ^^
This `ship` is at the bus station :) `Roja - a wind in sails and fins`. Awesome city, by the way :)
And I really must finish now, I have to wake up after 6 hours :D
Bye for now! :)
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