trešdiena, 2015. gada 7. oktobris

Icegirl is back ^^

Heey, my dear readers :) I know many of you don't follow me anymore, as I've been silent for two years already... But this evening, while my boyfriend is at work, I have some kind of nostalgia. Started to read old posts here and decided to write a new one. So many things happened, it's hard to tell you, but some short notes and pictures will do for now :)
Koli National park, Finland
2014 was a nice year for me, as I finally fulfilled my biggest dream - to live in Finland. Spent awesome 5 months there describing all my experience in another blog here. And another great event was getting engaged as soon as I returned from Joensuu ^^
Me and my friends, August 2014
Many other things happened - friends graduation, many parties with my girls, relatives wedding, excursions around Latvia and flight above Riga and Sigulda in a small plane ^^
Sigulda, September 2014
And this year I managed to get my Master's degree, visit Lithuania, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, travel around Latvia, to experience three weeks of field practices in biology in Taurene and my beloved Kolka, visit two awesome metal festivals, have fun at my friends wedding and many more happy things...
Minija, Lithuania, April 2015
Sakura, May 2015
On the roof of Science Academy of Latvia, May 2015
My graduation, June 2015
Cute little goat we met when we went horse riding in Ķekava, June 2015
Skyforger performing at Zobens un Lemess metal festival in Lone, July 2015
Me & my Mom, Croatia, September 2015
Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina, September 2015
And yes - we finally moved out of my boyfriend's grandma's house and now we are living with my grandma back in Riga. Only 15 minutes away from my work by bike, much more freedom and no stress about everything I'm doing in a foreign house ^^
Maybe I can finally say that I'm happy ^^
Have fun and take care ^^

sestdiena, 2013. gada 5. oktobris

October ♥

Heey! :)
Finally I'm here with a new post :) Didn't actually realize that I haven't written anything here since August, and it's October already. I will try to describe everything that happened, but this post will be quite short (mostly consisting of photos), as I want to sleep - today I woke up at 5 a.m. to watch F1 practice in Korea :D I'm weird, I know.
August ended with one great event - party at Kolka with my biologists for 1st course - Night on the Cape :) I helped to organize everything and also made a control point with my friend Anna at Night Track. Was fun (it's always fun to stick people together with adhesive tape :D ), and also my boyfriend joined biologists this year, so it was double fun to stick him :D
Chilling while 1st course is having fun :D
Well, we helped also a bit :) 
We went home on Sunday, 1st September, and at the evening we had one more event - student celebration Aristotelis, where students from every faculty of University of Latvia get together at Dome Square and try to show everyone they're the best. I guess, you know which faculty really IS the best? ^___^
1st course at Aristotelis :) You can also see me on the right :)
My lectures started on 2nd week of September, and I guess that I will love studying for Master's degree as much as I loved the Bachelor before :) This year I have 8 courses - Practical Biometry, Animal Evolution, Animal Ecology, Practical Entomology, Innovations (this one is obligate, and it's about business and economics, don't like it), Topical Problems in Biology, Ichthyology & Fish Ecology and Limnology. Quite much to learn, but it's ok, I like it. We already made some experiments in Ecology and Entomology courses - we had to collect all invertebrates we can find at our homes, then we tried to find invertebrates in different types of soil, and also we are feeding millipedes with different vegetables and see how they're growing :D
Cute ^___^
As lectures are only on Thursdays and Fridays, I'm working for the rest of the week. It's not so hard as it sounds, as now there are almost no samples at all, but I'm feeling like a zombie if I have to wake up at 6 a.m. every day :( But it's still fun - for example, one day we received a package with cannabis plant :D
Cannabis & view through my window ^^
One more challenge I accepted in September - I moved to my boyfriend's place, so I feel like an adult now with all these things I have to think about and do. But well, if I will have to live in Finland alone for half a year, I must get accustomed to it...
A little river near our house :)
And, of course, I can't do without parties, as many of my friends have Name days :) The best party was Evita's Name day, as we celebrated it at the lake shore. Me and my boyfriend leaved at about 3 a.m., but some people stayed until sunrise :D
Me & both Evitas :)
All of us :)
And yes - I have some more photos in my camera, but I'm too sleepy to write a normal post. Hopefully I'll soon show you photos from two little bike trips (to Dole island and to Stiene to collect mushrooms) and from Sweden (finally :D).
P.S. And tomorrow (06.10.) me & my boyfriend will celebrate 6 month together :) Today we were walking in the forest and making hedgehogs from pine needles :D
Have fun & take care! ^^

trešdiena, 2013. gada 14. augusts

Eesti ^^

Hey there! :)
Today I will tell you about my little trip to Estonia last weekend. I didn't plan to go to Estonia this year, but me and Katja wanted to meet somewhere finally, and as I have the job and not so much time, we decided to meet in Tallinn, not Helsinki. So me and my boyfriend went to Estonia last Saturday night to see Katja and Henri :)
First interesting thing about this trip was that we didn't go to Estonia by bus this time, but by Scania truck :D While we were waiting for the car (it was about 2 a.m.) we were standing in the forest singing Latvian songs, but soon the driver collected us and at about 7 a.m. we were in Tallinn already. As Katja and Henri came a bit later, we had some time to walk around the city and collect some caches :)
This time I won't write much text, just put many photos in a long, long post, as I'm lazy and not feeling well :/
Admiral ship
Estonian museum of architecture
Fat Margaret's Tower ^^

otrdiena, 2013. gada 30. jūlijs

Photopost: The Tall Ships Races 2013 in Riga (43 photos)

Heey, my dear readers ^^ Last weekend I had a chance to visit a great event called The Tall Ships Races 2013 and see awesome sailing ships once again. Last time they were here in 2003 and I still remember how nice it was then. So this time I also couldn't miss it. First I went to city center to see the ships close to me and on Sunday I also went to Mangaļsala to see how they sail to the sea. So enjoy the photos! ^^

trešdiena, 2013. gada 24. jūlijs

Photopost: The Power of Waves (15 photos)

Heey! ^^
I'm here with a new post again :) The weather is very windy recently, so yesterday I decided to go to Mangaļsala after work to catch some waves. And I want to show you what I've got :)

svētdiena, 2013. gada 21. jūlijs

A very long post.

Heeeey, my dear readers! The ones who still remember me and keep waiting for a new post after almost 3 months of silence from me :) I'm finally back and I'll try to write more often. For last 2 months I didn't have any free day at all, but now I decided that I must finally write something here, as many people even don't know anything about my life. In short - everything is awesome! ^^ So, get some tea (at least I am drinking tea right now, as it's quite cold outside) or something else and prepare for many-many photos and long stories :)
May started quite interesting, as me & my friends from Biomimicry Design Challenge team went to Sweden. I will show you photos and tell about the trip in the next post, now I will just say that everything was great. We walked around Stockholm, I met many new people on the ferry (we're now friends with one guy from Liepāja), had a crazy party, watched hockey with many fans and even touched an elephant! ^^
On 8th of May me & my Dad went to Jaunciems as we do it every year to take photos of windflowers (Anemone nemorosa). Of course, it was raining (I have my personal cloud, I guess, as nobody got the rain that day, just me), but we managed to take some photos I like :)
Windflowers ^^
Much more of them ^^
Little river of Langa
The house of beavers

pirmdiena, 2013. gada 29. aprīlis

Happy Icegirl ^^

Heeey! ^^
A month passed since I wrote here something about my life, so I think it's time for a new post with some photos and news.
First of all, some time ago I was at our zoo again :) I finally bought myself a new camera I wanted for a long time (Sony A37), so I had to try it. It was raining, so it was quite dark and I didn't take many photos, just enjoyed the walk and animals ^^
The wolves were so cute and played with each other ^^
Lemurs love this big old turtle :D
You know I love polar owls ^^
Another day I visited almost every place in Riga, as I had an exam in nature photography and needed some photos for it. First I went to the sea in Mangaļsala, then to Langa river in Jaunciems, then got to the city centre and walked to Arkādijas Park to take a photo of waterfall ^^
Daugava river.
House of the Blackheads.
And these are 3 photos I handed in for the exam. We had to take a photo of landscape, macro photo and photo of flowing water. I got 10 for these ones ^^
And about some other news. 2 months ago I finally got dental braces. I wasn't ready for them for 7 years or more, but I told you already that I have some crazy motivation this year to do anything. First week was crazy, as I couldn't eat anything (I just drank yoghurt :D ), now I also have to think about what I eat, but it's quite ok. And the funniest thing is that I told that I will stop going to parties, I will sit at home, learn Finnish and so on when I'll get braces. My determination was ruined at first day already :D In last 3 weekends I wasn't at home almost at all, everyone's asking me to go somewhere. Two weeks ago my friend Nikija organized her birthday party in Latvijas 1. Rokkafejnīca, and she asked 3 awesome Latvian rock/metal bands to play there  - Wake Up, Rebel Riot & Bloody Heels. The event was awesome, my neck hurted so much the next day after crazy headbanging (guys from Bloody Heels are my bf's best friends, so we had to stand in the first row and be crazy! :D ). Some party photos (I checked out the rest of them and understood that it's better not to put them anywhere :D ):
Me, Anna, Evita, Mārtiņš, Sanda, Evita, Linda, Sigita and Laura at Evita's birthday party (23.03)
Me & Santa at the same party, we had some crazy photsession at the end :D
Then I handed in documents to apply for ERASMUS program and I got there ^^ Only 11 people from our faculty had a chance to go to another country (of course, if you want to pay for everything, everyone can go). And I will study at Itä-Suomen yliopisto in Joensuu ^^ So happy that I got to the city I wanted, and I'll have a chance to visit many concerts of my favourite Finnish metal bands, learn some more Finnish and meet awesome people. Now I have some time until September, and then I'll have to think about documents and everything else, and in January I'll already be there ^^
One more thing related to my studies I still can't tell you (hopefully I'll know about everything in May, I just don't like to tell about things before they happen), but the one I can tell you is that this Wednesday I'm going to Sweden for a couple of days ^^ We decided to go somewhere together with a group of people from our biomimicry project, this time just 4 of us are going, others will do it later, as it's impossible to plan everything so that everyone could go. This month I also finally opened my velo-season, it's quite late, but spring was really cold this year ^^ And yes - I have the most amazing boyfriend. By the way, Katja, I would love to introduce you to each other sometimes. I guess, it will be interesting for you to talk with animal & nature-loving vegetarian who listens to metal, is crazy fan of Lord of the Rings (I also watched the first movie finally! :D ) and other fantasy books/movies, writes stories & poetry and is born almost at the same day as you (12.12.) :D
Ok, this post is already really long, so I'll end it now and prepare for Sweden slowly ^^ By the way, today I passed (hopefully) another exam in practical ecology, so I will have lectures only on Wednesdays until June. But, of course, I have to write my bachelor's work & also make a prezentation about wolves, really don't want to :D
Have fun and take care! ^___^ And listen to metal ^^
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