ceturtdiena, 2013. gada 24. janvāris

Sunny winter ^^

Hi everyone! ^^
Today I feel a bit lazy to write another travel-post, so I'll show you some photos of our awesome winter ^^ It's a week already since our weather is really nice and sunny (it's quite a weird thing here in winter). And everything looks like it's covered with diamonds - such a perfect view!
A park near my faculty and a park near Bastion Hill - wooden Christmas tree and Monument of Freedom.
Latvian National Opera (I always want to call it ooppera, as I so much love this Finnish word ^^). I also call our Esplanāde park - Esplanadin puisto, so my friends often get confused, where I am, if I answer like this :D
View through my window, took this photo few minutes ago. Notice the seagulls ^^
I'm just sorry I can't enjoy this awesome weather, as it's Latvian University conference soon, and until tomorrow I have to hand in an abstract of my work in English. I'm even not sure, are my results ok (they're from my bachelor's work, which has to be handed in just in April, so I haven't much time to analyze them) and, of course, I haven't written anything :D But well, the night is long :D
(I just wanted to tease you with these spring photos, not just write a long text without any ^^ They're from May 2008).
Also on Monday I finally went to check my eyes and got contact lenses. So I spend this week trying how to insert them and get them out. I really have no idea, how people can use them, as I feel that my hands are probably not growing from the right place, but from the... you know :D But my this years determination is to change my appearance a bit by doing some things I should have done already at the age of 14-15. Some hard times coming then, but I hope that after few years I'll be happier than ever ^^
P.S. And I've found on the Internet where I can buy Finnish Forsman tea in Riga. Must check!
Have fun, my dear readers, and make your wishes come true! ^^

pirmdiena, 2013. gada 14. janvāris

Lithuania & Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, 2006 & 2008

Hey there! :)
Finally I'm here with a post about Lithuania. Although it's the neighbor country of Latvia, I was there just twice (not counting times I was just driving through to see another countries), and both times just for few hours. But still - I have something to tell you and some photos to show :)
First time I was there in May 2006 with my class, as we had a school excursion to Palanga and Klaipeda. Our first stop was Hill of Crosses - a place definitely to see if you're visiting Lithiania. And it's not so far from Latvia :) There are over 100 000 crosses there, looks quite interesting and even weird.

ceturtdiena, 2013. gada 10. janvāris

Christmas & NY memories :)

Hey there! :)
Finally I'm back. Had some crazy time after a New Year, but now it seems ok to write something here again :) On Tuesday I passed my exam in biogeography (hopefully passed, as it was crazy a bit) and already sent some parts of my bachelor's work to my teacher. We had to write a plan some time ago, and it seems that I was too positive then, so I wrote that I'll hand something in already in January :D But well, I'm always doing everything at the last moment, so later in spring I'll be glad that I've already done something.
But now it's time for some photos from my Christmas & NY celebrations :)
On 20th of December our biologists together with Faculty of Computing (from RTU) had a Christmas Ball ^^ Danced all night long and had lots of fun, although I don't like to search for all my drunk friends at the morning and be sure they get home safely :D But it was the last night before the end of the world on 21st December - people had to live this night as the last :D
Some photos:

My biologists are awesome! ^^
On Christmas (as always) I went to my grandma to give her some Christmas presents :)
Me & Mum near the Christmas tree.
And before New Year we went ice skating with my friends from school. I sat aside this time, as I don't like skating much, but the evening was great :) Talked a lot about different things, drank hot wine, was fun :)
Gerda, me & Evija.
All four of us - me, Evija, Žanete & Gerda. And it was raining - how cool is that?
New Year we also spent together - after midnight we went to the city, checked out what's going on at 11. Novembra krastmala (there were many concerts that day) and then went to Greenwood club, where we had fun until the morning :) I danced with a long-haired guy who listens to folk metal (^^) and also hates songs that are always played in clubs, so it was fun to laugh at every song, because it was so stupid :D Was a bit crazy night :) 
Me & Žanete at the Bastion Hill. And some beautiful view :)
Hopefully soon I'll start writing about my previous trips again :) This time I could write about Lithuania and then continue with my trip to different European countries in 2008.
And next week I'll finally start to make my this years wish (or determination) come true. I know, it will take lots of pain, tears, money and so on, but I've finally decided that it's enough living like that, I must finally stop being afraid of such a stupid thing and make my future better. It will be ok :)
Have fun and take care, my dear readers! ^^
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