pirmdiena, 2011. gada 31. janvāris

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine!

Today I feel so positive finally! I really don't know why, maybe it's because today I got vaccine against tick-borne encephalitis and drugs affect me like that, or maybe because weather is really great second day in a row! It's not so warm, but it's sunny and it finally makes me to understand that spring is coming! Yeah, I don't like summer and spring, but I love sun when it's not so hot, so it's a perfect time for me!
I'm now eating truffles with raspberry filling, love them so much))
And also today I bought tickets for tomorrows KHL hockey game between Dinamo Rīga & Moscow CSKA, haven't seen hockey game at all in my life, so I finally want to attend it! Hope match will be interesting, and our team will WIN!
So, about everything else. On Saturday I went to my cousin, she had her 19th birthday on 25th of January, and we went to congratulate her. Drank a bit champagne, then me & my parents went to city centre to Čili Pica, cause I had discount coupons. We tried roasted stuffed potatoes with meat, baked meat dumplings and pancakes with ham & cheese, and I also had chicken salad. It was SO tasty that I really don't know how much I ate that day, cause I wanted to try everything xD Even on pictures everything looks tasty!
After that we went to the book shop, cause my grandma asked to buy her fibre pens. I bought her tutti frutti scented markers [I remembered how I loved them when I was just on 1st grade!], and now, before I brought them to her, I'm just spending time smelling them! xD It's funny, I know, but they're so great!
Blackberry - Strawberry - Raspberry - Orange - Lemon - Apple - Peppermint - Blueberry - Coconut - Fruit Mix
And also when I was on the bus, it was nothing to do, but there was a guy with two dogs, so I took pictures of them xD
Yeah, and some photos of our beautiful weather which I love so much! I took them from my balcony, and also yesterday I went for a walk to a lake, so took some pics there, too.
And today I also want to put here some yummy photos xD
I was making my favourite orange juice :))
Fried chicken meat :)) Ordered this when I was watching hockey on Wednesday, really tasty [not healthy, of course, but once in a year I can afford this].
Also while I was watching hockey xD I always paint bananas like that, cause it's lots of fun! I know I'm acting like a kid sometimes, but I've always been positive and I keep trying to remain so! :)
Have a nice day, people, I'll go and catch some sunlight again! ;*

ceturtdiena, 2011. gada 27. janvāris

...These are things none of us avoids. Suffering is the price of being alive...

Well, today I'll write a post without any photos. It's just true me - writing thoughts and complaining about life, asking everybody why it's so unfear to us.
First of all, why I started it. Today first piece of news that I read was about death of Mārtiņš Freimanis, famous latvian singer, actor and song-writer. He was only 33 years old. And he died of complications, caused by flu. I think it's not worth to describe now how many popular songs has he written, how successful was his group `Tumsa` in Latvia, how everyone loved him when he was acting in latvian serial `UgunsGrēks`, and I think many of you will remember how he with Lauris & Yana sang at Eurovision song contest in 2003 as `F.L.Y.` and a song `The War Is Not Over` sung by Valters & Kaža at Eurovision in 2005 which got 5th place and was his song, too... He was an amazing person, and even if you don't know him, it really IS sad when a person dies at only 33...
And about terrorism act at Domodedovo airport - it's again the same story. So many people with dreams & plans about future, people with families and probably in some of them - the only person about which somebody cared. Young people who had so much possibilities in their lives, older people with so many relatives loving them... So many killed... So many injured... And WHY? Because somebody, who hasn't a head, but... don't know... bag of shit on his shoulders, decided that it'd be really cool and maybe even funny! I really don't understand how a kid can grow up to such a monster, who just spits on everyone and cares about nothing? And nobody does nothing to him, cause what can you do when you meet such a person? And this situation gets worse every day, I simply can't imagine what life will be in a few years.
Condolences to everyone related to these situations.
Life is the most unfear thing around us, and it's no chance to escape.

otrdiena, 2011. gada 25. janvāris

pirmdiena, 2011. gada 24. janvāris

Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.

A week has passed already after my holidays started, and I still haven't done anything I wanted. Again and again I understand, that for me making plans is the first thing to fail. I only can do something and go somewhere if I decide it in the last moment, cause then everything goes much better than if I tell someone about this or plan it. So it seems like I'm not going anywhere in these holidays, although I had so many chances... My friend is celebrating her 18th birthday on January 28th; Dad adviced me to go to Finland till February [ok, he was angry then and simply didn't want me to bother him, but I really liked this idea, even though it seemed that I should go to Estonia and then to Helsinki alone and live there alone, too *but sometimes I like to be alone, cause I can't feel freedom if I'm with someone, and freedom is a thing that I rate really high in my life*]... Then, instead of Finland I decided that I maybe could go to Tallinn for a day; and so much everything else. But now it seems that I'm not going anywhere, cause I'm half ill after this weekend. Ok, let's stop talking about bad things! xD
Some pics, when I went for some walk on Friday night... Not a good quality, cause it was really dark.
And on Saturday I woke up at 4 a.m. and went to Cēsis. Unfortunately, weather wasn't good, so photos don't show real beauty of nature, snow and trees :)
At 5 a.m. in train xD Sleepy and totally freezing!
Canker-berry covered with snow.
Sculpture of a man near Cēsis church.
This rock on which I am standing, is as high [above sea level] as gilded rooster on St.Peters church in Riga :)
Really positive house! Would like to live there :)
Trying water from spring xD Not a good idea in winter, if it's so f*cking cold! xD
Winter trees... Imagine how beautiful this picture would be, if there would be blue sky, cause now everything looks gray and sad, but otherwise it would be simply beautiful!
Me at Žagarkalns... Ahh, you can't imagine how I love snowboarding and how hard it was for me to stand there, watching how everyone is having fun... If I had some clothes with me [so I shouldn't go home wet in cold train for 3 hours together] I would rent a snowboard and have so much fun...
Simply beautiful :)
Me in Cēsu castle, near its model.
And this is Cēsu castle itself :)
Somewhere inside it :)
I was given such a funny lamp xD
Talking with grandma on my mobile phone xD
These stairs led to underground prison... Can't imagine how it was for poor people to sit there for years!
Totally exhausted in cafe
Trying to get warm with hot chocolate & vanilla coffee xD
Ok, it's enough photos I think... Just read somewhere on the internet that in 2013 maybe one of WRC stages will be held in Latvia. Don't know, maybe it's again a stupid rumor, but if it would be real... Ahh, I would be so happy if I could attend rally where Raikkonen is driving now! My biggest dream is to get his autograph & have a photo with him, cause when I went to Hungary for a F1 race, we couldn't get there on Thursday for a paddock walk, and also I didn't know in which hotel will he stay, and even if I did, I couldn't get there, cause we had no car... So now rally is the only alternative, but I can't afford to go to other country, cause you simply should have a car if you're attending rally to follow drivers through different stages, but I haven't. But if rally would be here, I'd somehow get to know everything and get to podium, autograph-sessions hopefully and at least to one stage...
And also I decided [plans again, so not much chances for me to make them true] that I simply HAVE TO go to a F1 race again! I want to paddock walk, run a lap around Hungaroring, get some pics in places where I wasn't in 2009, and do much more, cause now I know where everything is located and how to get everywhere, a place where drivers are going to their hotels, so if you wait there you can see them, and much more. After Raikkonen left F1 I told to myself that I won't attend any race if he wouldn't be there, but now Seb Vettel is a new hero for me in F1 *he was since his first race, but then there was Raikko, so I didn't care about anyone else*, and since he won Championship, I want to see him again. Yeah, and also I want Sony A580 camera.
God, I wrote so much today.
So - bye for now, and wish me luck... ♥

otrdiena, 2011. gada 18. janvāris

Yay! :))

I'm glad to tell you that my session is over finally! Today I passed my last exam in English, and now I'm free till 7th of February! Three weeks of fun, parties, chill and everything else that makes me happy! The only thing is that all of my friends [not from faculty] still have some exams to pass, and part of them still goes to school and January is toughest month there, too [ahh, I remember how I hated it, and now I can just smile!]
So, about my exams :) *after this post I will shut up until June & next session or until biology exams in March, I guess* After previous post I had my exam in chemistry... God, I never saw SO hard exam in my life! We were given 10 questions each and 2 blank papers, and had to answer at least so much to use both papers! And teacher also said us to leave our bags, so we couldn't even use our books & cribs. I thought I would die there, and I also promised my friend that I'll help her, but simply had no time! At least it turned out that teacher probably was in a good mood when she was correcting our works, so she gave me 10! Lol, I was laughing like insane when I saw my mark xD
Then on Friday we had exam in Physics. I think I don't have to tell how much I hate this subject, so I couldn't force myself to learn anything, and maybe it's good that I didn't waste my time :) Friend sent me test written by medics on Thursday, and when we went to write our exam, we were given tests, where ~10 questions were exactly the same like in medics' test, and other ones were so easy that I did 21 out of 24 in a minute xD Last 3 weren't easy, but teacher, as always, didn't look at us [I think he simply don't care if we are using books, cause we are biologists], so me & my friend used books, everything I took down during lectures, and internet in my mobile phone, and we had just 1 mistake in our tests, so we'll get 9 :) After exam we went to drink champagne [my friend brought me a bottle xD], and because I hadn't eaten anything since 8 p.m. last evening and it was 12 a.m. and my friend hadn't had her breakfast, too, we got totally drunk [okay, for `totally drunk` for me a bottle of champagne isn't enough even if I don't eat anything, but we really were drunk, and you can't say that just a bit!]. We were talking about different things [about which I never told anybody, cause I didn't want to look weird, but if she told me such things, why I couldn't? xD], then went to Riga bus station, cause she had to go home to Saldus, I saw her off and went home. Hope nobody saw how I fell near my house on ice xD But I can tell that it wasn't because I was drunk, cause my mom fell at the same place at the evening and almost broke her arm!
And today I had my English exam. I didn't learn anything, just rewrote some information from my materials and read them on the bus at the morning, and again - it's good that I didn't waste time for it :) Sometimes it's rewarded if you've been at all lectures and answered all home readings and class readings, cause teacher just gave me the easiest theme to talk on, I said just a few sentences and she let me go, giving me 10 :) So I can say that session was good, I didn't expect something like that :)
And now some pics :) Last Wednesday I finally got my bio-shirt :) Every year students from 1st course have to draw their PigFish for a shirt, and then everyone vote for the best fish and buy these shirts. This year I also draw my fish, but it got only 2nd place, and maybe it's good, cause my fish was really cute, but that one which won represents our course much better :)
Text: `woods, woods, dark woods / there live white hedgehogs / they walk along paths / naked and without jackets`
And also today *or yesterday already* I finally bought Red Bull Champions edition 4-pack with Sebastian Vettel on it :) Hah, it's funny to buy it ONLY because it's Seb on it, but everyone knows that I'm a bit crazy, so it's nothing special xD
Bye, people!

otrdiena, 2011. gada 11. janvāris

Don't waste time on things you hate.

Hi everyone!
Maybe I should better study now, cause tomorrow I have final test in chemistry, but I simply can't force myself to do it. This is the day when you think that it's easier to die now, than go tomorrow to my faculty of biology and die there. As always, I'm leaving everything for the last moment, and now my eyes hurt, I feel sick and unable to learn anything, but I simply HAVE to. Just made some coffee with irish cream liquer, hope it helps me a bit.
So, about my life. On 5th of January I went to faculty to finish my plant anatomy laboratory works [and we ate coconut there, it was great :D] and on the next day I had biology test. Can't say it was easy [at least it's not chemistry], but somehow I got 9 :) Ahh, I would be so happy if I'd get 9 at chemistry test!
On Saturday I decided to go to Garciems, cause in summer I'll have to write a work about unvertebrates there, and my teacher told me that i'd better go there in January and see how everything looks, cause in winter `you can see through the forest`. So, I went there and it turned out that there's just snow everywhere, even beach was all covered with snow and lots of ice, so I spent almost 1,5 h to get to place where I thought Kalngale should be [there's train station, too], although there's just 2 or 3 km to go. Then I went to this forest, and there was such a lot of snow that I spent 3 hours to get out of there! I even thought I wouldn't do it, cause I never saw such big amounts of snow! Anyway, I found little insects from Boreidae family, and took some nice photos :)
Looks like Antarctica :)
Me trying if this ice won't break xD
Some little birds :)
Me in snow [imagine how it is to walk like that for 3 hours and you will understand me!]
Snow scorpionfly.
See you later if I won't die tomorrow on my chemistry exam or on Friday on physics!
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