piektdiena, 2012. gada 26. oktobris

First snow ^^

Finally it was snowing this night in Latvia ^^ Not much snow outside, but well, that will do :)
Yesterday after Finnish courses I talked with my teacher a bit about life in Finland, Finnish language and so on (she said it looks that I'm so much interested in it, well, I am, of course ^^). She also asked me, do I listen to Finnish music. `Yeah, of course` - `But Finns are so popular with their metal!` - `I know, it's the only style of music I listen to` - `No way, you listen to metal?!` :D
P.S. I wrote this post at 9 a.m., now it's 11:40. And much more snooooow ^___^
Have a nice day! :) And enjoy the winter - those of you, who have it already :)

pirmdiena, 2012. gada 22. oktobris

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

Hi! ^^
Finally I'm here :) October is usually so full with different parties and other celebrations that it's almost impossible to find time for anything else.
First of all, on 11th of October was BioNight. Again it was in a club Black Friday (which reminds me Amorphis concert, of course). But we had much fun, although I didn't get any sleep, as I went to grandma and then with the first bus home (to watch F1 practice in Korea :D )
A photo from that evening (teacher asked me not to put the rest of them anywhere :D ):
Me, Evita & Sandra.
On 17th of October it was Kimi Raikkonen's birthday (I always have to mention it ^^), and I went to talk with our group about Biomimicry Design Challenge again. This year we found some more people, who want to participate there and I won't be in this group, but I'll help them as much as I can :) And that day was also a great weather, so I took some photos in Kronvalda park.
Pushkin's monument
My faculty on the left :) And aren't trees in our park beautiful? ^^

On 18th of October it was my birthday, and all day I was in such a bad mood (it's a tradition, I think, that I always cry on my birthday and don't want anything). Even on Finnish course I didn't want to do anything. But then came 19th of October and I had a party in folk club Ala (first time when I had party with friends actually). Invited about 15 friends, but at the end so many biologists came and also some other people, one girl even had two italian friends with her, so the evening was awesome ^___^ And I also got many great presents, like F1 calendar, t-shirt with me & Kimi, movie about me (I'm always the one who has all photos and makes movies about everyone), gift card at music shop, liquorice from Finland (Unda said that I'm the only one she knows to like liquorice ^^) and many other gifts. And almost all greeting cards were written in Finnish ^^
Žanete, Evija, Gerda & me (they didn't want to be in this photo, but I'm evil and I'll put it here, too :D )
Zane, me, Sandra & Evita (and you can see my t-shirt ^^). I was supposed to wear it all evening, but as I was wearing a dress, I could take it off :D (btw, it was the first time for many people to see me in a dress :D )
And the next day, as it was very warm, I went to Baltezers by bike. Drove about 45 km that day and took many autumn photos.
There were so many mushrooms in Baltezers ^^
And many flowers still blooming. This one is Impatiens glandulifera.
Beautiful park near Baltezers church.
And the sunset was so beautiful that evening ^___^
Baltezers canal
Somewhere near little Garciems airport.
And that's all for today. This Saturday I'll celebrate my birthday again with some relatives, and many news say that it will be snowing then ^^
Have a nice evening! ^^

trešdiena, 2012. gada 10. oktobris

Colorful autumn ^^

Hi everyone! :)
I planned to write this post tomorrow, but well, I don't want to sleep yet, so why not to write it now :)
I wanted to show you some photos. After I wrote my last post, I saw at webcam of Port of Riga that the sailing ship Mir (which I was trying to catch in the morning) finally started to swim away. As I wanted to take some photos of it, I took my bike and started a race with the ship to Mangaļsala (it's about 15 km). And I even got there before the ship :D
Me and the ship ^^

On my way back, I saw some swans and fed them with cookies :) By the way - it really hurts when they bite you, but I didn't care, those grey ones were so cute!
And some more autumn photos. Last Sunday I went out with my bike again, and there were so many migratory birds flying. I hear them almost every night - many cranes and geese. Their calls are so sad, they even bring some autumn depression sometimes.
But autumn is so colorful after all! I just love these red and orange leaves. Well, it is cold, but it's my birthday next week, how can I say something bad about my time of year, my October? ^___^

(that was the last time I went outside in October, wearing shorts :D )
And I guess I must say something about my Finnish courses :D Today was 4th lesson, and I love them so much :) Teacher understood that I know numbers (we haven't learned them yet, so she always asks me to read them) and also she always asks me to translate the most difficult sentences (as on first lesson I told that I want to study in Finland and I have friends living there, while others just told that they are a bit interested in this language). And here are two of my homeworks :D
We read a text about Mäkinen family and had to cut people out of magazines and later tell about them :D And a short text about seasons in Latvia. I guess, I will learn not only Finnish, but also how to draw (I can draw only cars and animals, not people) and design different compositions :)
And also I have an idea to attend this concert. Sabaton, Eluveitie & Wisdom will have a great show on 26th of March, and even one of my course-mates already had ticket, so it would be so great to be there, too (because of Eluveitie, but other two bands also play awesome metal) :) But no Finland in October, though :( Once again it turns out that it's impossible to plan anything, if I want to go anywhere with someone (even to some small concert or to a club). Always it's a problem with money, time or anything else at the last moment.
But well, stay positive and have fun :)

trešdiena, 2012. gada 3. oktobris

October fog & little things for happiness ^^

Hey, my dear readers :)
Just returned home from Mangaļsala, and I want to show you my today's photos (and also some older). I went to Mangaļsala to see sailing ship Mir, which was supposed to leave today (it spent few days in Riga). But there was a fog at the morning, so according to webcam it's still in Riga, but I took many photos I like.
By the way, was quite a strange feeling to walk around in this fog (everything seemed so unreal and at one place there was a raven sitting on a dead tree like in some evil fairytale :D ) 
When I got to the seaside, there were many planes flying (as in Riga Airport schedule was changed because of fog). This one is AirBaltic, there were also Ryanair and Turkish Airlines planes :D
And many cute dunlins (Calidris alpina, at least I guess so) were feeding there. Quality is so bad, because they didn't let me to come closer, so I had to zoom in so much.
This crow let me to come so close to it, and it seemed like it was trying to say something :D
Still blooming :)
And few photos with the ship (I took them two days ago at port of Riga). The ship is so big that it's possible to take a photo if you stand far away from it :)
And about my little things for happiness :)
At home after the show
1. Finally I took part in Finnish language course. It was a bit expensive, but well, I'll never start learning Finnish by myself, I must at least start with something. The course is for 1st level, and I am the only one there who had at least heard this language before and knows some words. And I love our learning matherials - we had to divide into syllables the word Koskenkorva (Finnish vodka) and as examples there were a word perkele (I don't have to tell you what it means :D ) and Mika Hakkinen ^^
2. My crazy blonde friend Linda took part in Latvian TV show `Let's get married!` (like Russian "Давай поженимся!"). And I had to go with her as a friend and tell what boyfriend she would like. In November it will be showed on TV :D Was fun (even though I don't like TV shows) and I really loved my make up. Nothing special and colorful, but looked good.
3. On Monday I was at classical music concert :D Linda (again) was a host and told about all participants. It was so much not my kind of music, but at least once in my life I must see something like that, too :D
Have a nice Wednesday! I guess I must do my Finnish homeworks :)
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