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Maybe you're wondering, who's this crazy girl :D So I decided to create a page about me :)
My name is Margarita, I'm living in a beautiful country Latvia, in it's capital Riga (I don't like living here, by the way, but it's not a point). I'm 21 years old, but I actually don't look like 21, and I think that later I'll be pleased to look younger than I am ;) I'm studying biology at Latvian University, but my biggest dream is to study and live in Finland, hope that this dream some day will come true :)
I'm a big fan of formula-1 and other motorsports (especially WRC). I'm watching F1 seriously since Monaco 1997, but for the first time I saw it on TV in 1992 (it was Spanish GP), when I wasn't even one year old. So, 2012 is my 21st F1 season! Friends think that I'm really crazy about it, and it is so, I can't say they're wrong, but everyone should have something to stay positive, and for me it's F1. I used to watch MotoGP for few years, but now the person I loved there is not in this world anymore. If words `Malaysian GP` & `October, 23rd, 2011` mean something to you, you'll understand.
I'm often trying to be different than I am in reality, however, I live with only one thought - `be yourself`. It's because I don't want show random people who I am (this blog is an exception). I'm fun and I can enjoy my life (and REAL friends know that, others just think that I'm not an interesting person). And I don't care what random people think about me, so it's hard to put me down.
My life moto: `Never look back, you can't change anything in your past`. Kimi Raikkonen used to say something like that. And he's the person (the only one of celebrities, cause I'm not a girl to like some pop singers or actresses or other girls like that) who I adore with all my heart, who really changed my life by winning World Championship in 2007, who taught me not to cry if it's hard for you and not to give up, even if everyone thinks that you won't do something and don't believe in you.
You may think it's strange, but all human beings are different, and I'm trying my best to remain so.

30 weird facts about me:
1) I attended model agency for 1,5 years when I was 16;
2) My sleeping record is 32 hours non-stop, my non-sleeping record is approx. 48 hours;
3) I hate it when people write with mistakes and don't know simple grammar (maybe not so much in English, cause I'm not good at it, too, but in Latvian & Russian);
4) I don't eat cakes (all kinds of), because I don't like them so much;
5) My favourite food is acidified cucumbers (I can eat them with everything!);
6) I've never coloured my hair;
7) I don't have earrings or any other kind of piercing;
8) I'm not using make up (maybe once a month, if I go to some parties / concerts / whatever);
9) I've had a broken arm, punched head, distorted leg in bike accident;
10) As a child, I didn't eat fruits & vegetables at all, even my doctor told my parents that she haven't seen a child who doesn't eat fruits;
11) As a child, I didn't play with dolls, just with cars and animals;
12) I had Madagascar hissing cockroaches and a crab as pets;
13) I have fallen on my head of the height of ~6 meters (and I'm still alive, lol);
14) I've passed GTA: Vice City for 100% three times :D;
15) Until I was 21 I never was in relationships for longer than a week (and I'm the one who always broke up, I just love freedom so much...) (and I hate to admit that I have to cross this point out of this list now :D, but I'm still in love with freedom);
16) When I was little I messed brakes with gas pedal while driving with karting and crashed in a wall;
17) I went to school at the age of 6;
18) I'm not afraid of any animal, of darkness, height, death and things like that (common things of which people are afraid of), but I'm afraid of pain - mental and physical;
19) I'm non-smoker (never even tried, cause I just get sick from this smoke);
20) I'm swearing a lot (but I can be a good girl too xD);
21) My favourite TV show ever is Fear Factor;
22) I don't like cats. The only cat I loved was my neighbour's cat Vasjka - for his attitude;
23) My favourite colour is black;
24) Place I'd like to visit the most now is Sao Paulo, Brasil, but not the city itself - I want to see Ayrton Senna's grave;
25) I sometimes feel like dead people on photos are looking on me, I can take off headache, low blood pressure, guess a card not looking at it & other weird things if I'm `in a mood`;
26) I'm writing poetry & stories, and I want to publish a book;
27) I've loved someone (not talking about parents, relatives & my best friends) only once, of course, he didn't care about me;
28) I used to bite my nails when I was little (it's an interesting story why I'm not doing it now - my mom coloured my nails, cause I loved how they looked then, and told that nail polish is so toxic, that I'd die if I just lick it xD);
29) My favourite singer (not band, as they're all metal) is Eminem;
30) I was born ar 18 October, 00:05, but I've always wanted to be born a day earlier.

4 komentāri:

  1. У меня появился ещё один стимул подтянуть свой инглиш, чтоб Тебя читать))

  2. Рада, что блог понравился :) Я ведь тоже пишу на английском, чтобы свой подтянуть немного :)

  3. honestly? this is the nicest "about me" page I've ever read! it's so sweet and innocent and heart-warming! thank you! greetings from Vienna, Austria!

    1. Thank you so much! You made me smile finally today! :))


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