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Photopost: Ice Sculptures, Jelgava 2012

As I promised, I'll show you photos of ice sculptures I took yesterday in Jelgava. It was so cold, that at the end my hands were shaking so much, I couldn't even take normal photos :D
This year's theme of a festival was `Mystery`. Enjoy! ^^
Author: Alexey Verbitskiy (Russia)

Is an apple really the beginning of everything?
Author: Kestutis Musteikis (Lithuania)
1st place in individual sculpture category
Flame, which rises its wings / The wonderful movement of a dream
Authors: Kārlis Īle (Latvia) & Vilius Matutis (Lithuania) / Author: Marina Erkovich (Russia)
1st place in team sculpture category (on a photo is only part of a sculpture, as it was really high)
"He counts the number of the stars. He calls them all by their names. Great is our Lord, and mighty in power. His understanding is infinite." Bible. Psalm 147: 4-5
Authors: Alexey Verbitskiy & Svetlana Verbitskaja (Russia)
Authors: Dzhulustan Markov & Kyunney Takasaeva (Russia)
2nd place in team sculpture category
Dawn of humanity / Time traveller
Authors: Sandis Kondrāts (Latvia) & Elizabeth Kristensen (Norway) / Author: Lina Jakubauskaite (Lithuania)
Creature of the night
Author: Mathew Foster (Great Britain)
Dandelions / Tears of winter
Author: Elizabeth Kristensen (Norway) / Author: Kārlis Īle (Latvia)
The big Crunch
Author: Attila Olah (Hungary)
Once upon a time in Courland / Two headed snake
Author: Ainars Zingniks (Latvia) / Author: Malgorzata Korenkiewicz (Poland)
Time travel
Author: Krista Kuzņecova (Latvia)
Koskenkorva ice bar
Authors: Kārlis Īle, Vilius Matutis, Tautvilas Povilionis, Maija Puncule, Aleksejs Geiko
Mr. Paganini / Triumph
Author: Donatas Mockus (Lithuania) / Author: Dzhulustan Markov (Russia)
3rd place in individual sculpture category
Transcendental world
Author: Ruslan Korovkov (Bulgaria)
2nd place in individual sculpture category
The spirit of an era
Author: Sandis Kondrāts (Latvia)
Favourite of `Sportland`
Sea horse / A gift from heaven
Author: Boguslaw Zen (Poland) / Author: Kārlis Īle (Latvia)
Author: Kyunney Takasaeva (Russia)
Message from past or sms from future
Authors: Kestutis Musteikis & Vytautas Musteikis (Lithuania)
Transcendental love / Life is a mystery
Author: Sergey Tcelebrovskii (Russia) / Author: Svetlana Verbitskaya (Russia)
Sympathy award
Lullaby rhapsody
Authors: Tatyana Kuznetsova & Marina Erkovich (Russia)
A woman's secret / Biochemistry
Author: Tatyana Kuznetsova (Russia) / Authors: Agnese Rudzīte-Kirillova (Latvia) & Donatas Mockus (Lithuania)
Sympathy award
The legend of glorious Nani
Authors: Igor Nareiko & Sergei Loginov (Russia)
3rd place in team sculpture category
Mysterious Halloween
Authors: Andrei Molokov & Sergei Tcelebrovskii (Russia)
Sympathy award

6 komentāri:

  1. it's amazing! it's marvelous! it's unbelievable! Thank you for sharing, I liked a lot "Eye". How could it be done from ice......

    1. Thank you! :)
      I also can't imagine how it's possible to make something like this from ice. Yesterday I also saw how Kārlis Īle was making one sculpture, it's really some kind of magic :)

  2. Wow O_O I even can't choose a favourite, they are all so gorgeous!

    The sculptors must have had lots of patience to work with ice. And great imagination. Wow O_O

    1. They really are amazing, and so different every year. And sculptors really must be special people to think about such a beauty & make all these small details :)

  3. Wow, my biologist for sure has got talent to make pictures! :)
    I like Sea horse (because it is quite simply, but so cute), although all sculptures are charming.

    P.S. Apbrīnoju pacietību bildēt tādā aukstumā. Es mestu fočiku prom un skrietu pēc tējas.
    P.S.S. zancīī

    1. Es jau sapratu, ka tā esi tu :) Bildēt aukstumā ir neforši - beigās rokas vispār nejūt. Bet nu, šogad drīkstēja iziet ārā (jo uzspieda zīmodziņu uz rokas) un skriet pēc tējas, pagājušajā gadā nevarēja, un es pie -25 grādiem pavadīju tur kādas 5h, jo man vajadzēja sagaidīt tumsu un sabildēt ar gaismiņām :D


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