My wishlist

Finally I decided to post here my wishlist. It's written in 2009, and I'm totally sure that all my dreams will come true one day *I'm not writing things like that I want a husband millionaire or stuff like that*. Things that I've done already (which were just wishes in 2009) I've coloured green and added some comments, written at emotions about it. Things that I will never do, red.
To things I've done, I added photos ^^
I think this list will help you to know me better :)

1. To live in Finland
2. To go to F1 race in Belgium
3. To go to F1 race in Monaco
4. To buy Porsche Carrera
5. To publish a book with my poetry
6. To get an `A` in exam at biology - got just B...
7. To get an `A` in any other exam - I've got A in Latvian&Literature, Chemistry, Maths and English ^^
8. To try bungee jumping from a bridge
9. To jump out of a plane with a parachute
10. To go to Austria for snowboarding
11. To see Kimi Raikkonen winning the second World Champion title
12. To get an autograph of any F1 driver - omg, I got it from Kimi))) So happy I just can't tell you))
13. To go to Australia
14. To see a big Komodo dragon in the wild
15. To see a giraffe (not in a zoo)
16. Ok, in a zoo will also be good - today I was in a zoo, and finally saw a real giraffe)) Before it I just saw a giraffe once, in Sweden, but so far from me, and today - so close))
17. To ride an elephant
18. To ride a camel once again
19. To go to Sweden once again - was there in August 2010)) And in May 2013))
20. To participate in a TV show like Fear Factor or The Amazing Race
21. To finish school - yep, I've done it))
22. To learn at Faculty of Biology - this dream is also true now))
23. To get a medal at one olympiad of the country, I want to see what's written on it :D - haha, I've never thought it would be real sometimes, I've got a medal at Maths :D
24. To record a song written by myself in a studio, I don't care that I can't sing
25. To go to Finland once again - was there from 7th to 10th August, 2010)) And once again in 2011)) And twice in 2012))
26. To see F1 race - I was at Hungary in 2009))
27. To see MotoGP race
28. I want a camel spit at me :D I know, this wish is stupid, but I just want it :D Because in our zoo camel never care about me :D
29. To see in reality an F1 or MotoGP driver - I saw everyone from F1)) Except Felipe, just in a car.
30. To go to a football game, I've never seen one
31. To see `Real` playing with Christiano Ronaldo))
32. To see hail as big as chicken's egg!
33. To take photo of a lightning - sitting 1,5 hours near the window with half-pushed button on my camera, to take a photo fast, was a good idea :D
34. To drive a race car
35. To see a tornado
36. To try surfing
37. To try aerodium (vertical wind tunnel)
38. To learn to jump with a snowboard from hills
39. To learn how to drive a car
40. To get driving licence
41. To touch a wolf
42. To touch a giraffe
43. To visit Africa, where giraffes and elephants live in the wild))
44. To visit a ice hockey game - Dinamo Riga - CSKA)) Our team lost, but that's not the point))
45. To try driving a snowmobile
46. To learn how to drive on the rear wheel of my bicycle
47. To learn how to jump with a bicycle
48. To learn how to do salto
49. To learn Finnish
50. To learn Swedish
51. To play football on a real, big grass field
52. To visit a place behind a polar circle
53. To see northern lights
54. To see full Sun eclipse
55. To put togethet Cola & Mentos
56. To go to Amorphis concert - yaay, I was there ^^
57. To drive a Ferrari Enzo
58. To embroider all these cross-stitch kits I have and haven't even started
59. To comment F1 races
60. To have my own column in a newspaper
61. To make a wish when star is falling
62. To travel around Finland with a house on wheels))
63. To visit Sao Paulu, Brasil
64. To visit Spain
65. To visit Portugal
66. To visit Norway
67. To visit Nepal
68. To visit USA, especially Miami
69. To visit Singapore
70. To visit Malaysia
71. To visit Japan
72. To go to Lapland for a Christmas or New Year (or whatever when)
73. To drive dog sledge - not in Finland, as I wanted, but I've done even that))
74. To visit Antarctica
75. To visit North / South Pole
76. To see emperior penguins in the wild
77. To touch a big crocodile
78. To hold a green mamba
79. To visit Switzerland (not just driving through)
80. To have a photo with an F1 driver - now I have a photo with my Kimi)))))))))
81. To go to The Rasmus concert - almost sang together with Lauri ^^
82. To see Victoria amazonica in the wild
83. To take a good photo of a squirrel - Finnish squirrels don't run away))
84. To buy a dog (husky)
85. To take a photo of a ghost
86. To see UFO
87. To visit a desert island with nobody on it)
88. To go to a rally (WRC) stage
89. To see at least one WRC driver - saw Mikko Hirvonen, Jari Matti Latvala, Jari Ketomaa and even talked to Harri Toivonen at Helsinki Motorsport Weekend))
90. I want one of WRC stages to be held in Baltic states
91. To take a photo of a moose in a forest
92. To find horns of moose or deer in a forest
93. To go to Nightwish concert - best concert ever in my life! Marco, Anette, Tuomas, Emppu & Jukka, you were simply amazing! ^^
94. To get an autograph from Sebastian Vettel
95. To have a photo with Seb
96. To get an autograph / have a photo with any other of my favourite F1 drivers (Heikki, Felipe, Fernando, Jaime, Nico, Lewis, Vitaly, Robert, Daniel)
97. To but Sony Alpha Digital SLR camera - I don't care how I look on this photo, as I have my dream camera finally ^^
98. To develop my ability to read thoughts, cure people and so on
99. To finish Faculty of Biology
100. To find a job I like - working at State Plant Protection Service as entomologist is a perfect job for me ^^
101. To watch `Gone in 60 Seconds` finally
102. To see bamboos growing in the wild
103. To read `The Master and Margarita` in Russian
104. To swim together with dolphins
105. To buy new mp3 player - now I have so much place for all the metal I'm listening to ^^
106. To pass GTA: San Andreas finally for 100% :D
107. To see a blue whale
108. To visit Las Vegas
109. To see `Who wants to be millionaire` game in studio in Lithuania - I added this wish here, even though it was written on a paper in 2007 (and was my wish since 2004), before this challenge. But I've done it in 2008, so it must be here :)
110. To visit Abu Dhabi
111. To drive 100 km non-stop on my bike
112. To visit Baikal lake
113. To have a photo with Marco Hietala or get his autograph
114. To visit Tuska Metal Open Air Festival
115. To spend a night at graveyard
116. To go to Ensiferum concert

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