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If it will go on like that, my blog will turn into some kind of memorial book. Not a long time ago (8th of September) I wrote here about Lokomotiv. Last time (17th of October) I just didn't want to make this day bad and didn't write anything about Dan Wheldon. But today I can't stay silent.
Marco Simoncelli. 24 years old. MotoGP racing driver. He left us yesterday, during the race at Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia, at 16:56 local time.
I mentioned Dan Wheldon before. He was killed at 16th of October in a racing accident in IndyCar ar Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where 15 cars were involved. He was 33 years old. I came home at Monday and found out about this crash. And I couldn't stop crying, even though I never saw Dan racing and didn't hear about him very often.
But Marco I knew very good. I was watching MotoGP since summer 2008. And that year Marco became World Champion in 250cc class. I remember this day like it was yesterday - everyone was so happy, especially Marco. He was the person I liked since the first time I saw him. Russian commentators called him Dandelion. And since that day me too. In 2010 he came to 500cc (MotoGP) class, and of course couldn't drive as fast as in 250cc, but I believed in him. In 2011 I stopped watching MotoGP, because many races overlapped with F1 and I couldn't follow so many of them. And also I saw crash of Shoya Tomizawa during the race at 5th of September, 2010, and it was also fatal. Shoya was 19 years old. And I didn't want to watch it anymore.
Yesterday I was sticking leaves of trees for my herbarium, and my dad started to read a piece of news. That MotoGP race at Malaysia was stopped after an accident involving Simoncelli, Edwards and Rossi. Nothing happened to Rossi, Edwards was injured with a dislocated shoulder, but Simoncelli... `No..` - I thought, because I already understood what happened and didn't want to hear it. `..but Simoncelli died because of his injuries`. `Marco's dead? No, no way, that just can't be true!` - I whispered. `I will never believe it!` But I should believe. It seems so unreal.
And yesterday I also found out that at 9th of October Russian ski jumper Pavel Karelin died in a car accident. He was 21. I actually never realized that he was so young. Because I'm often watching ski jumping in winter, and Russian commentators mention him so often as a really good and perspective jumper. And he's been participating in world cups since 2007. By the way, four days before this accident I saw ski jumping in my dream, although I never dreamed about it before, and it seemed a bit strange. Seems that it really was.
Three Sundays of October. I really don't want to think about this one.
Sorry about this messy and emotional post. In few days I'll try to write something more positive, about my B-day, Bio-night and so on.
And finally one of my verses, related to this situation. It's in Latvian, but I translated it in English. As it's long, just press Uzzināt vairāk » to read it.

Jau asfalts ir sakarsis saulē tik ļoti, /The asphalt is so hot already in the sun
Viens aplis, tad starts ir un riepas jau kauc, /Just one lap, then start and tyres howling
Es izskatos mierīgs, bet tik samāksloti, /I'm looking calm, but I'm pretending so much
Man liekas, ka Tu mani atpakaļ sauc. /It seems to me that you're calling me back.

Uz sacīksti mani Tu laist negribēji, /You didn't want to let me to the race,
Bet kāds mūsu vietā bij izlēmis jau, /But someone has decided in our place
Ka man tur būs jābrauc, un ātrāk par vēju, /That I should drive there, faster than a wind
Lai citiem vairs uzvarēt izredžu nav. /So no one else will have a chance to win.

Tu redzēji sapnī daudz pelēku putnu, /You saw many grey birds in a dream
Kas riņķo virs manis un sērīgi kliedz, /That are circling above me and mournfully crying
Tu raudāji, mana vismīļākā būtne, /You was crying, my favourite being,
Jo nāvei neviens mani ņemt neaizliedz. /Because nobody forbids to death to take me.

Tu saprati – rītdienas sacīkstē mani /You understood - in tomorrows race I will
Tik nelaimes vajās un nomiršu es, /Be involved in accidents and die,
Bet toreiz man likās tas tik neticami - /But then it seemed so unreal to me -
Vien bailes Tu cilvēka dvēselē vies! /You are just introducing fear to the soul of human!

No rīta es apkampu Tevi, cik spēju, /In the morning I hugged you as I could
Un skūpstīju, teikdams, ka baiļu man nav, /And kissed, saying that I'm not afraid
Uz sacīksti mani Tu laist negribēji - /You didn't want to let me to the race -
Jā, zināji laikam Tu finālu jau. /Yes, you probably knew the finals.

Starts! Iedegas gaismas, rēc motori skaļi, /Start! Lights are on, and engines roar loudly,
Līdz galam jau gāze ir grīdā, un min /The gas is in the floor, and everyone's guessing -
Tik visi – kas pirmais? Bet es cenšos vaļā /Who's the first? But I'm trying to get rid of
Laist iedomas Tavas, lai tās neuzzin. /Your beliefs, so nobody will know it.

Ar nāvi es flirtēju sacīkstes laikā, /I'm flirting with a death during a race,
Liels ātrums un pit-stopi, apdzenam daudz - /Huge speed, and pit-stops, and lots of overtakes,
Kā nazim pa asmeni piloti staigā /Drivers are like walking at knives blade
Un priecīgie fani kaut ko skaļi sauc. /And happy fans are calling something loudly.

Viens aplis vēl palicis – mīļā, es braucu! /Just one lap left - my dear, I'm still driving!
Pie velna šīs domas! No nāves nav bail! /To the hell these thoughts! I'm not afraid of death!
Es pirmais! Un dzirdu es cilvēkus saucam, /I'm the first! And I hear people calling,
Lai sarauju! Priekā tiem acis jau gail! /Cheering me up! Their eyes are lit by joy!

Lūk finišs! Un pēkšņi bars putnu – kā rasa /Here's finish! And suddenly a swarm of birds - as the dew
Tie sekundēs dažās klāj asfaltu jau… /In few seconds they're covering the asphalt.
Vai tiešām man lemts šodien nosisties trasē? /Is it really decided that I will die on track today?
Vai tiešām būs īsts šīs nakts sapnītis Tavs? /Will your this nights dream really be true?

Jā, tiešām, bij taisnība Tev, mīļā mana - /Yes, really, you were right, my dear,
Man aizdegās motors un mašīna ar’… /My engine and a car ignited...
Kā kapā bij tribīnēs tad klusēšana - /The silence at grandstands was like in a tomb -
Tie vēro, vai kaut ko vēl izdarīt var? /They're watching, is it possible to do something?

Par brīnumu, redzu es visu no malas, /As a miracle, I see everything from the side
Gan ķermeni savu, ko liesmas jau rij, /Both my body, swallowed by flames
Gan mašīnu – ātro un stipro līdz galam, /And my car - fast and strong to the end
Kas melna no dūmiem jau kļuvusi bij. /That already became black from the smoke.

Un Tu stāvi raudot šī haosa malā, /And you're standing, crying, near this chaos
Un liesmas Tev acīs kā spogulī mirdz. /And flames are shining in your eyes as in a mirror
Pat pasaulē citā tās aizmirst līdz galam, /Even in another world they won't be forgotten
Lai kur nāve nestu, man nevarēs sirds. /By my heart, wherever death will carry me.

Tu gribēji mani no nāves tad paglābt, /You wanted to save me from death then,
Bet es tikai teicu, ka baiļu man nav, /But I just told you that I'm not afraid.
Uz sacīksti šodien Tu atnāci melnā - /That day you came to a race, dressed in black -
Jā, droši vien zināji finālu jau… /Yes, you probably knew the finals.


*by the way, just found my old diary with some verses I totally forgot. Didn't even realize that there's so many of them about racing*
Have fun and take care.
Sincerely yours, Icegirl.

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