ceturtdiena, 2013. gada 21. februāris

People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy ^^

Hi! :)
I'm finally here with a new post (actually I have to write my bachelor's work (again), but it can wait, I guess). Just watched UEFA CL game between Barcelona and Milan, and my favourite Barca lost 2:0. Games in this season really aren't as nice as I thought, as my favourite teams almost always lose. But well, let's wait for the finals in May :)
First of all, I finally got a ticket to the concert I told you about some time ago ^^
It turned out that some of my friends are going, too (biologists love metal ^^), and I can't wait to see Eluveitie (and also Sabaton)!
And I also wanted to tell you about one awesome bar I discovered last week in Riga. My crazy blonde friend Linda was asked to play her violine at Valentine's day in Karjala bar. Of course, she asked me to go with her. I usually don't celebrate Valentine's day (and not because I'm forever alone :D, I just have my own opinion about this `celebration`), but this time I just had to go, as this is a Finnish bar. And I really got this Finnish feeling ^^ At the table next to us sat the owner of the bar, who talked with a former rock musician (in Finnish ^^), some Finnish guys came in for a short time, and a show on TV even had Finnish subtitles ^^ (how many times did I mention a word `Finnish` in this post? :D). I must definitely go to that bar once again sometimes :)
And some thoughts again (I always start to think about life if I'm writing posts after midnight). Have you ever heard that every person that comes to your life changes it somehow? I didn't believe in it, but now I have totally changed my mind. When I had a birthday party, I met a person (I met him before, but didn't knew much), whose thoughts really changed my view on life. I started to think about things that I want to change in myself (not only the appearance). And I really have some crazy motivation to do almost anything - for example, I wasn't ready for contact lenses for years, and now I've done it. There are two another big things I started to think about (can't tell you yet), hopefully in two weeks I'll know about everything :)
And a song for you ^^ This one is my favourite this week.
Have fun and take care! ^^

pirmdiena, 2013. gada 11. februāris

Photopost: Ice sculptures, Jelgava 2013

Jelgavas ledus skulptūru festivāls 2013 / Фестиваль ледяных скульптур в Елгаве 2013
Hi! :)
It's a tradition already to write here about ice sculptures every year in February (you can see photos from 2011 and 2012 in my blog). On Saturday I was in Jelgava to see them again. This year the weather was bad, as it was quite warm and cloudy. And almost all sculptures had little white roofs above them, so I don't like my photos this year. But well, sculptures are beautiful and you must see them ^^
This years theme of a festival was Planet Ice.
Girl on the Moon / The wise men possess the highest heights! (sculpture from SEB Life Insurance)
Authors: Sergej Tcelebrovskii & Andrei Molokov (Russia) / Author: Kārlis Īle (Latvia)
1st place in team sculpture category
Author: Vadim Polin (Russia)
Sympathy award
Black and white / Flying above the waves
Author: Donatas Mockus (Lithuania) / Author: Alexey Verbitskiy (Russia)
1st place in individual sculpture category / 2nd place in individual sculpture category
Photo sculpture
Authors: Inese Valtere - Ūlande (Latvia) & Donatas Mockus (Lithuania)
Queen of Ice Kingdom / Last hope (hoping to find a cold, penguins visited Jelgava ^^)
Author: Sergei Tcelebrovskii (Russia) / Authors: Agnese Rudzīte - Kirillova & Maija Puncule (Latvia)
Solar rings
Author: Mathew Thomas Foster (Great Britain)
3rd place in individual sculpture category
Planet "X"
Authors: Mathew Chaloner & Mathew Thomas Foster (Great Britain)
This sculpture fell down about a minute after I took the second photo :( It was too warm this time.
The Gods of ice
Authors: Ruslan Korovkov (Bulgaria) & Irina Taflevskaya (Ukraine)
Frozen howl
Authors: Vytautas Musteikis & Kestutis Musteikis (Lithuania)
2nd place in team sculpture category
Touch the Sun
Authors: Kārlis Īle (Latvia) & Vilius Matutis (Lithuania)
3rd place in team sculpture category
Ice-flowers / ICEdora
Author: Kārlis Īle (Latvia) / Authors: Ivan Loktyukhin & Vadim Polin (Russia)
"Sportland" favourite
Day and night - time off!
Authors: Marina Erkovich & Elena Subbotina (Russia)
Photo sculpture
Author: Ainars Zingniks (Latvia)
They know that I love penguins ^___^
Koskenkorva ice bar
Authors: Inese Valtere - Ūlande, Kristaps Krolls, Aleksejs Geiko (Latvia) & Donatas Mockus (Lithuania)
Escaping monotony / The little Prince
Author: Mathew Chaloner (Great Britain) / Author: Inese Valtere - Ūlande (Latvia)
Mythical ice angel landing on the ice planet (a saviour of a new age)
Author: Darren Jackson (Great Britain)
Ice reflection / Escaping the captivity of permafrost
Author: Kestutis Musteikis (Lithuania) / Author: Dzhulustan Markov (Russia)
Where the snowflakes come from?
Author: Elena Subbotina (Russia)
Photo sculpture / I am not here
Author: Kārlis Īle (Latvia) / Author: Krists Zariņš (Latvia)
Authors: Eric Mutel (France) & Franziska Agrawal (Germany)
Below-ice fishing
Author: Maija Puncule (Latvia)
What do you think about this year's sculptures?
And have a nice day everyone! ^^

piektdiena, 2013. gada 8. februāris

Brno & Prague, Czech Republic, 2008

Hi! :)
I'm finally here with a new post about foreign countries ^^ When I wrote here about Lithuania I told you, that  the last photo was taken when I was driving through Lithuania to another country. And the country was Czech Republic :) So today I'll show photos from two different cities I visited there.
Somewhere in Czech Republic
In the morning we arrived to the second largest city in Czech Republic called Brno (it's actually not a big city, even compared to Riga). We had a day to spend there and it was enough to see main buildings and places of interest in the city centre, but, of course, there are many other places to see, if you're staying for a longer time. After getting our hotel rooms (we stayed in Grand Hotel, which was amazing!) we went walking around the city.
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