sestdiena, 2010. gada 20. novembris

You really don't know what it's like to be me!

Maybe I should go to sleep now, cause today [or yesterday already] my Mom woke me up a bit early, but I'm sitting here, waiting when my friend will send me our physics homework. Great Friday night, I have nothing to say.
By the way, all this week seems to be strange. On the one hand it's great, cause a lot of good things happened, but on the other hand, it really could be better. Maybe let's start with good news.
First of all, I'm glad to tell you that I passed my biology test, cause in molecular genetics part I've got 8 :) And I think that other part will be better, so there's a chance of getting 9 :) I really hope so, although after this test I even though that I'll have to write it again! The other thing is that this week we have 4 holidays, cause Latvia has it's 92nd birthday! So I can finally relax a bit, and next week we even have no tests, only home reading in English :)
But there are some not so good news, too, and yesterday I even became so angry that I really wanted to throw my computer out of the window! Everything started when I decided to make a movie about this season in F1 and was trying to put all videos together in Windows Movie Maker. It broke down at least 10 times, as the result, I sat in front of this computer till 1 a.m. and today I realised, that this project file which I saved isn't working. So I started to make my film in Nero Vision, spent at least 8 hours on it, then tried to save it. Hah, it was fun, when there appeared a message that I have not enough free disk space, and I realised that half of this movie in bad quality has taken almost 13Gb! So, now I'm trying to save it on my HDD, there is 300Gb free, hope it'll be enough! And it'll finish after 18 hours. Nice.
And today I really don't know what's happening to me, cause when I try to work on my computer, it's simply not working. It's turning off, some error messages are appearing and so on [only Internet is working properly]. And this problem appears on both my computers, although when my Dad is doing something, everything works. This really sucks!
And finally it seems that this week I have eaten a lot of sweets, cause now I have a lot of red spots all over my skin :/ Seems like I'm allergic to something, and if I can't eat sweets now, I definitely won't survive, cause I simply need them to keep myself going :/
Ahh, a lot of text today in my blog talking about problems, and no pictures. So - it's me in supermarket which burned ~15 years ago. Nice view of Riga.
Have fun!

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