piektdiena, 2010. gada 5. novembris

Hey there!

Just made this blog :)
To be honest, it's my 5th blog where I'll write something about my life, but previuos ones are in Latvian and Russian [and 3 of them are personal, just for me] so I decided that it'd be fun to try blogging in English too :)
So, about me :) I'm studying biology at Latvian University, cause I just love this subject & biologists are sooo nice, it's always interesting with them :) But my dream is to study and live in Finland, love this country and hope some day this dream will come true :))
And I'm a big fan of formula 1 and other motorsports [especially WRC], so I'm trying to attend some races & auto shows in my country, once I was at F1 Hungarian GP [in 2009] and at Helsinki Motorsport Weekend [2010] too :)
In short, that's all, just some links now:

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