pirmdiena, 2010. gada 15. novembris

I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it doesn't even matter...

So, it's finally a day when I have some free time and I'll write something here. As I already told yesterday, Seb became World Champion, and I still can't believe he did that! It seemed so unreal even to me, although in 2007 when Raikkonen became Champion I said - it would be like that, no matter what, and I don't care that he has 17 points less than Hamilton with only two races to go. This year even I didn't believe. And Seb proved that he can everything. OK, I'll stop talking about F1, it's winter coming and no races till March 13!
Previous week was really great! First of all, on Monday I went to my friend from university & it was fun to stay at her's flat, we made something to eat [braised carrots with cream, potaoes and deer's meat, who could think I will eat something like that? :D ], watched `Strange wilderness`, did a bit chemistry and so on... Tuesday was really hard day after all night without sleep, but still - it was fun! :)
And on Friday we had initiations or newman's ball, other students made some stunts for us so we could become real biologists not futility! We ate onions and dog's food, I kissed with real pig's head, drank vodka and beer in one drinking game [my favourite, since I'm biologist :D ] and finally dressed out completely naked, cause I just had to do this because of losing in card game! :D Glad I have long hair, lol! :D
This is picture with my `passport` and new name - Pizza in a Bowl, and a pic where they tried to put on me dog-collar, cause we had to be bitches! :D I know I look dirty/strange/whatever, but it's still funny! :D
And on Saturday we had another interesting biology [microbiology] experiments in laboratory, we were collecting bacteria from air, Escherichia coli from doors and from city canal water, and on 26th November we'll see what we have collected :) Hope I'll remember to take my camera, so that I'll have possibility to put pics here :)
And today I'm a bit tired after my test in genetics, at least on Wednesday we'll have lectures [and a test] only till 12:00, and Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday will be free! Can't wait!
Bye for now! :)*

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