trešdiena, 2010. gada 24. novembris

I need this beat like the earth needs the rain!

Hah, nothing changes, it's almost midnight, and I'm sitting here waiting for something. Just watched some football - FC Ajax VS Real Madrid. It was nice to see one of my favourite teams [MR] winning this game, although they got 2 red cards for wasting time :)
And yes - today I finally finished editing my movie. Together I spent on it more than 4 days, if you count all this time, when it was saving [or trying to save]. Well, what can I say - it could be better [more videos, better quality], but I still like it, cause I realised all my ideas :) I just edited it a little bit because of credits at the end, and now it's saving again, so I have to wait - don't want to leave computer on all night again.
On Sunday I went to the cemetery, cause in Latvia we celebrate so-called Candle Night, there are a lot of candles all around, so beautiful :)
But this evening I'm thinking a lot about different things. First of all, why I'm always telling the wrong way when some tourists ask me where something is located? Today a man asked me where is bus No22 stop, and I told him to go sooo far from the place where we were, cause I didn't know that there's a stop really near! Looks like I know nothing about Riga :D
Secondly, why did I chose a nickname Shantyy here? And why do I follow so many blogs in finnish? Ok, I love this country and I know a bit of finnish, but not so much to read texts in it - simply a few words! :D Maybe it's because last few days I'm listening only to finnish music, I found a great song called `Rakkaus on Lumivalkoinen` and I want to learn lyrics of `Ievan Polkka` too. Looks unreal, cause there are so many words in this song, but I'll try when I'll have some free time :))
And now I really want some Lapin Kulta, but I have only a bottle of it, although I brought a lot of beer from Finland this summer :D

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