otrdiena, 2010. gada 30. novembris

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?

Today was the most stupid day this year - it's obvious. Yesterday I went to sleep at 8 p.m., cause it was cold, nobody gave me computer or TV and I was really annoyed, and I decided to wake up a bit earlier to study for today's physics test. As a result, I woke up 10 minutes after the time I always wake up on Tuesdays, had no time to eat, banged my hand against something and it started bleeding [nice, yeah], and when I finally got out of my house, I realised that I broke zipper on my jacket. And it's 16 degrees below zero today! Sure, I went back, but couldn't open this zipper to take my jacket off, so I wasted a lot of time for nothing, went to the bus stop and missed the bus. Next one didn't open the door where I was standing, so I was almost late for physics, and for the test I knew simply nothing. I thought that we'll had a lecture first like previous time, but no - we were given tests. I used my book and something that I had put down during some lectures, but it didn't help, so I just did 2 tasks, and one of them isn't correct, cause I took the wrong number :/ I don't remember the day when such a lot of things went wrong, nice.
And I didn't told you about our biology laboratory work last Friday. It was really interesting to see our results - I even didn't realise that in the air there are so many different bacteria & fungi! Here is a pic where I tried to combine together different colonies :)
And some pics with my & my friends media with different bacteria & fungi; and a pic of me, as always :)
Have fun, at least you.

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