ceturtdiena, 2010. gada 25. novembris

Lumi, lumi, lumi!

Hey! :)
I'm glad to tell you that it's snowing finally! Yes, it was some snow on 16th October already, but you really can't call such a thing real snow. But now - it's so white and nice... I just love winter & snow, cause it's amazing! :))
Anyway, today we had an excursion in English, everybody chose some object in Riga and had to tell about it. I was speaking about the Gunpowder Tower almost at the end of excursion, and it was so cold that I even couldn't speak normally :D But still it was much more interesting than sitting in class and reading biology, just cold a bit, and now I need only a cup of hot coffee :D
And yesterday we had nice chemistry laboratory work, we were given a mixture of 3 different substances [some colors with long & strange names] and we had to separate them :) Result looked so beautiful, we had tubes with 3 different colors :)
Hope tomorrow I'll remember to take my camera, cause we will see results of our laboratory experiments with bacteria :)
And I also hope that tomorrow will be cold enough, so I'll be able to put on my Kimi Raikkonen WRC beanie, it's been a long time since I bought it in Helsinki, and now it's time to use it finally :)
Have fun! :))*

2 komentāri:

  1. Such funny title - Lumi, lumi, lumi! :D It's so finnomaniac :D

    1. Lumi sounds better than snow :D And I am finnomaniac (what a surprise :D )


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