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Jackie Chan

Hey! :)
Today I was in Jelgava and I want to share some photos with you again. But not simple photos of the city (I'll show you them later). I went to Jelgava to see Jackie Chan ^^ Sounds unreal, right? :) But he's filming some episodes for his new movie, called Chinese Zodiac (it will be released at 12.12.12.)
As I'm not a big fan of him, I wasn't prepared for this event, so I just took some photos. But some people also got his autograph (as they had big photos of him, so staff took them & Jackie signed). But I'm sharing photos with you :)
This is the place where they're filming :)
And this photo I took from the sightseeing tower in the city.
You can see Jackie :)
And here they're filming some episodes :) One woman had a polecat, and actor, who is playing the bad one in this movie (you can see him hanging on this photo), came to her and took this cute little animal :)
There were so many people around, and when they stopped filming, Jackie finally came to us. The poster says `Sorry, I am too tired, but I love you all!`
Jackie also touched everyone's hands *so I'm not washing mine for at least a month :D *
Today was awesome :) Even though I was standing there for such a long time, that my face is red from the sun and it hurts so much now :/
So, if you want to see Jackie, you have two days left (until 2nd of May) :)

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  1. I'm SO jealous!! ^.^

    Was there any special reason they chose Latvia for shooting the movie? I read a bit about that wind tunnel, but since it's not the only one in the world I wonder why they picked yours :)

    1. I wasn't sure if I want to go to Jelgava (it's a bit far from Riga), but then I decided that I must take some photos for you, as you like him :)
      About wind tunnel - I guess I must agree with Anonymous. Also Latvia together with Canada in 2006 showed that wind tunnel at Torino Winter Olympics, so it became popular. And we also have some good instructors, too :)

    2. Kiitos then ^^ Jackie smiles so much ^^

    3. Olkaa hyvä :)
      Jackie always smiles ^^

  2. Jackie saw the wind tunnel at the Latvian World Expo pavilion in Shanghai 2010


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