sestdiena, 2012. gada 7. aprīlis

Hey, Happy Easter everyone! ^___^
Me & Mum just coloured our Easter eggs, so I'm sharing photos with you :) We always spend so much time on eggs & try to make them colorful, using just natural things like onion peels, parsley leaves, rice, tea...
And this little basket with eggs is a gift for every reader of my blog :)
P.S. Dad's listening to radio, tomorrow will be snowstorm and on Monday will be -11 degrees :D
P.P.S. Ksu, I bought everything for soup with dumplings, milk & melted cheese, this evening I'll try to make it and soon I'll write a post, how it was :D

4 komentāri:

  1. Рита, ну ты рисковая девушка))) вкусного вам супа) И с Пасхой)

    1. Попробовать ведь надо))
      Спасибо, тебя тоже с Пасхой :)

  2. Atbildes
    1. Спасибо, и тебя с Пасхой! ^^


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