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Photopost: Dumpling soup

This post is especially for Ksu :)
Some time ago I read in her blog a strange recipe, how to make dumpling soup. And today I went to my grandma and me & mum tried to make it :) So, I'm sharing this with you.
For this soup you will need:
400 g of dumplings (I took really small ones, called `little babies`)
200 ml of milk (this was the strangest part)
1 paprika
leek (I took just the white part)
100g of melted cheese
sour cream, rosemary, black pepper.

We put dumplings in boling water, and when they surfaced we added paprika and leek.
Then we boiled them for 7 minutes (until dumplings were ready)
And added milk, melted cheese, rosemary and black pepper, then boiled a bit more.
My mum with the soup (she asked me to put her photo in my blog :D )
This is the result (with added sour cream)
Nobody expected it, but the soup was really tasty (if I say that something is tasty, it really is, as I don't eat many things), everyone liked it :) It's so creamy because of cheese & milk, but dumplings and paprika contrast with it very nicely. And it's very nourishing, it was enough for four people.
So, thanks to Finnish producers for this recipe and to Ksu for sharing it :)

P.S. This morning was so snowy, I thought that we are celebrating Christmas, not Easter :D

2 komentāri:

  1. Ну все, Рита, теперь и мне захотелось такой суп))) сама я не осмеливалась) и как вкусно ты все описала) и мамочка у тебя красавица) такие глаза синие)

    1. Спасибо, передам ей :)
      Мама сегодня опять маленьких пельменей притащила для такого супа :D


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