otrdiena, 2012. gada 17. aprīlis

Swans & Sunset

Hi everyone! ^^
It's time to go to sleep, as I have to wake up early (or I must write my course work instead), but I'm reading blogs and decided to write a post. And tomorrow I definitely will regret that I did nothing for school. Somebody could just sit near me and tell me every second `write your course work!`, or I'll never finish it.
Anyway, the main idea was to show you some photos. My mom finally celebrated her bday (which was on 19th of March) last Saturday, and I went to my grandma's house by bike, so on my way back I drove along the lake. There I saw swans and I was standing for about a hour near them, as they're so beautiful & I love how they hiss at me ^^
Now I'm also trying to go to university by bike when it's not raining. Such a nice way to relax & enjoy nature a bit. The main problem is the 10,5 km distance (hope it'll be easier soon) and the fact that I live on 5th floor, my bike is a bit heavy for me to carry it easily :D
Last Thursday it was a Game Night at our faculty, everyone went home at about 9 p.m., but me and four of my friends had a big party at the basement until 11 p.m., when the faculty was closed :D *someone should also tell me not to party, as I have to write course work* Next day was also fun, as we had laboratory works with fish (and again we had that nice teacher I wrote last year about ^^), and we had to define species.
And maybe I really must go to sleep now :)
Have fun and take care! :)

4 komentāri:

  1. Wow, hissing swans - the dark side of a beautiful bird :D I've never seen them so close.

    You need to tell yourself not 'gotta write this course work' but 'gotta write a plan, write first chapter, write second' etc. Will seem less daunting ;)

    1. I try to write a small plan for every day, but still it seems so much to do :/ And teachers don't like when I promise them to send something and don't do it in time, but when I ask the information I need for course work, they also promise and don't send.
      Or I just like to complain much more than it's needed :D *and I guess I must drink some anti-stress tea :D*

  2. skaistas fotogrāfijas :)
    un tavs blogs ir tik jauks :) iedvesmojoši


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