svētdiena, 2012. gada 29. aprīlis

Crazy spring ^^

Hey! :) Just returned back from my little bike trip, and I'm sharing some photos with you :)
Each spring I go to Jaunciems to take photos of windflowers (Anemone nemorosa). So this year also wasn't an exception, but after that I decided to drive a bit around, went to the sea and so on.
I so much love this view ^^ It's definitely worth going there every year :)
And this time I also found a hollow, where I think wild bees were living last summer, as there were empty honeycombs. Never saw them in the wild :)
Then I went to a small river called Langa, where I couldn't walk away without taking photos of these water snails :D There are 3 species of them :)
And also I saw water striders there :)
Horsetails :)
And then I drove through a forest, where I found a tower for monitoring forest fires. It was more than 30 m high. And of course I had to climb up there :D Today was very windy and it was shaking so much I couldn't even stand there. And I had just one question - what the hell I'm doing here? :D But the view was amazing.
I could even see TV tower!
Me on the tower & the view from the ground :) Even on this photo it looks so unstable. I am normal? I guess not :D
Some random photos in the forest :) And then I went to the sea. Also very beautiful view :)
And last photo is on my way home. You can see this tower I was at (with red line around).
Hope you liked these photos :) Bye for now! :) *I must finally write my course work, I guess*

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  1. Pretty pictures ^^ So you don't mind when snails crawl on your hand? o_O Maybe you will come in summer and help me pick snails from my salad and take them to forest? ^^

    1. Thank you ^^ I like all animals, including snails :) And I also like this feeling when they're crawling on my hand :D So I could collect all snails from your salad :)


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