pirmdiena, 2012. gada 21. maijs

Hi :)
I have totally no time for a blog, but I'm glad that after two weeks this crazy semester will be over. But tomorrow I'll finally answer my course work, so it would be so much easier :)
And yesterday world hockey championship ended finally. Finland lost to Czech Republic and is just 4th, while Russia won the championship. And I have an idea to go to championship next year (it will also be held in Helsinki & Stockholm) and attend at least one game - Latvia vs Finland :) It's not hard to imagine which team I will support :D
When Latvia played with Norway, I called my mom with a text `hey, we are losing 2:0 to Norway!` - `Do you mean Latvia or Finland with the word `we`?` :D
And I guess I must finish my presentation finally. *and listen to Eternal Tears of Sorrow*
Have a nice day! :)

2 komentāri:

  1. I also watched all games with Finland) But I'm happy and proud that Russia won. They deserved it.
    And I also would like to go to the stadium to feel this crazy atmosphere, but tickets are so expensive - I saw on the Intetnet two tickets to final were sold for 1600 e!!!! But of course if buy them beforehand they must be cheaper)
    And good luck you tomorrow)

    1. Russian team was perfect this year - the only one to win all games :)
      Thank you :)


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