piektdiena, 2012. gada 3. februāris

Photopost: Riga Zoo

As I promised, I'll finally show you photos from Riga Zoo I took in April, May & September 2009 :)
It's so cold outside now, and I have sore throat, so I haven't been out for 4 days :/ And I'm just sitting and watching photos from this season's F1 cars presentations & reading about them. Caterham was first at 26/01, then McLaren (01/02), Ferrari & Force India (today). Can't wait for next Tuesday, as this study semester will finally begin - I'm tired from doing nothing, and when I can afford it, I'm becoming so lazy, that I hate myself for it (but I'm so lazy already that I can't change anything :D ). Yeah, and also I can't wait for 10/03 ^___^
Hope you enjoy photos :) (press `Uzzināt vairāk` to see the rest of them)

I still can't see photos of our zebras, as in January 2011 there was a fire and all of them died ;(

2 komentāri:

  1. Try drinking ginger tea. It has strong, fiery taste but can help with sore throat and cold. Ginger is my best friend in winter ^^ Good luck!


    Oh, you have meerkats there! I looove them! Gorgeous photos ^^ And the pig's nose :DDD

    1. Thank you :) I must try this ginger tea (and taste is not the problem, I can imagine how it tastes and I'm sure I'll like it) :)

      Meercats are really cute, they just bite a bit (as almost everyone try to pet them and don't think they can jump so high) :D And people always drop their cameras and mobile phones into their cage :D Pigs also love chewing people's hands and feet - it's impossible to stand near their cage without any pig that is chewing your boots at the moment :D


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