otrdiena, 2012. gada 28. februāris

Magic winter ^^

Today is so great ^^ It's snowing so beautifully outside :) Days when I can say I'm happy are like these - when you can walk through loads of fresh, white snow and smile like crazy, even though all the others walk around, trying to put their hats all over the face to avoid snow. And look at you like you're a bit strange.
And this song is stuck in my head right now. I even was singing it loud while walking at my district (fortunately there were nobody to hear my `good` singing :D )
*of course, it's Nightwish, what else can you expect from me, lol*
Last Friday one of my course-mates went to university, wearing T-shirt with Nightwish, he came in during ecology lecture, and I was like `heeey, Juri, you have a shirt with Nightwish?!` :D Teacher looked a bit surprised :D And I was reading lyrics on his shirt all lecture :)
"Tuck me in beneath the blue
Beneath the pain, beneath the rain
Goodnight kiss for a child in time
Swaying blade my lullaby..."
And two photos from today - we had laboratory works at plant physiology, me & Sandra were working with cannabis plant :)
Have a nice day! :) I'll go to learn plant physiology a bit, have my first test on Thursday :/

2 komentāri:

  1. I feel sad that snow will melt away, even though I like spring, flowers and birds. It's just so beautiful *_*

    1. I also like spring, because it's warm (not hot) and sunny, but snow is some kind of magic, everything looks more positive with it :)


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