trešdiena, 2012. gada 22. februāris

Latvia's Golden Talents

Hey! :)
Today just a quick post. Last Sunday I attended Latvia's Golden Talents show, as my best friend Linda was participating there. Was fun & interesting, although I don't like this kind of shows (especially Latvian), and this time all ten contestants were really good.
So, photos & video, where she's playing her violin.
All contestants (all except two guys), who got at least two stars and people could vote for them.
Photo from, on the left are Mārtiņš, Evita, Samata and Krista (part of Linda's & mine friends).
Photo from, Linda and us.
I know it wasn't perfect (there were also problems, as she wanted to play with her group, but people from the show didn't let her, then song was too short etc.), but for me she's still the best ^^
Three contestants got into the semi-finals, and they were Ultimate Jump (dancers), Daniela Rozmisa (9 y.o. storyteller) & Agita Gabranova (singer). To watch videos, press on their names ;)
Have a nice evening! ;)

2 komentāri:

  1. I hope anyway it was a great experience) for all of you) congatulations to Linda, although she didn't get to the final))

    1. Thanks, I'll convey this message to her :)
      Nowadays experience is a thing that really matters, so she's participating everywhere she can just for it :)


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