sestdiena, 2012. gada 18. februāris

Hello! :)
It's almost 1 a.m., and I'm not sleeping again. Instead of it, I'm listening to different bands from my `must listen sometimes more songs` list. There are 19 bands, 11 of them are from Finland, 5 from Sweden, 12 are melodic death metal bands, rest of them - folk/viking/pagan/black metal. What this winter has done to me? :D *at least I'm now listening to Made Of Hate, and they're not Finns, they're from Poland*
Today I promised again to my teacher, that I will come to him to talk about my course work. Now I have feeling that I won't write anything until 15th May, when everything has to be finished and handed in. Someone has to sit next to me and tell me after every five minutes `write!!!` :D
Ahh, and tomorrow (or today already) there will be referendum about making Russian language second official. I don't like to talk about it, as it's politics, but I'm fed up with all these commercials, leeflets, tweets and videos about it. There will never be so many people to vote for it, so everyone could just chill out, not making a tragedy out of this. But everyone keeps talking about Latvian culture, traditions and so on - one of the things that I can't understand in this world is why people have to make big problems of nothing, rather than solve the small ones, which lead to these big. I'll better shut up.
Something positive - photos from Wednesday party with my best friend Linda & my university girls. Now no parties for me until May & finished course work! :D
Me & Linda ar Četri Balti Krekli
Guys from Germany :D Was `great` to talk with them with my `knowledge` of German language :D
And this one looks like Edward from Twilight (maybe not so much at photo, but in reality it was so funny :D )
Stay positive ^^ And I think I must finally go to sleep now.

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  1. Sis, you're going to sleep way too early ^^ It's 3:30 for me, I'll stay for two more hours ^^

    1. I know that it's early, but when I wake up at 7 a.m. I want to sleep already at 8 p.m. :D But when I have summer holidays, I also stay up until sunrise ^^


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