piektdiena, 2012. gada 10. februāris

New study semester

Hi to everyone! :)
I think I must apologise now for the fact that I will write soooo rarely here until summer begins. I so much wanted this study year, but it seems like it would be harder than all the previous. I never thought we would have so many tests (I counted more than 30 in 16 study weeks). And also our botany teacher decided to try something new this year - we'll have to write about some plant species, make a list of plants growing in a territory she will show us, write many many pages about all plants growing in Latvia (it will help us later, she says) and learn about 400 Latin names of plants and how they look like. Also ecology teacher said that we'll have to write about plant or animal species (about 15 pages). And there will be so many homeworks in biometry (we are working with a program named `R`, where nobody understands anything). And finally - my course work, for which I haven't even started to analyze literature.
This was the first week, and I even now feel like a zombie - at 9 p.m. I already want to sleep so much :D But I'll make it, I just like to complain sometimes :D
Photos from Evita's birthday (28.01)
And it's just a month now until Nightwish ^__^ And tomorrow I will go to Jelgava to see ice sculptures (as last year), so new photos with them coming soon.
I hope you're having a wonderful time, my dear readers :)
Bye for now! :)

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