otrdiena, 2012. gada 24. janvāris

Hi :)
Finally all my exams are over & I can relax a little and maybe write here a bit more :)
First of all I wanted to tell you that our team at biomimicry project is one of 12 finalists (together 50 teams submitted their works) ^^ Of course, that doesn't mean anything, as final results will be announced at the end of February, but still - we are better than many other teams. If you're interested, here is a link to a page with finalists, our project is with a picture of flowers (surrounded with a red line at the picture below). If you press at the picture of any project, short summary about it appears.
And also I was with my friends from university at the zoo last week (as the entrance costs only 1 Ls after 4 p.m.). Of course, it's not a best time for taking photos, but we had much fun :)
Nice feeling when little pigs are chewing your hand ^^
Giraffes ^___^ This one is Piks :)
I love how their eyes are glowing because of flash :D
Such a funny frog :D
Polar owl
I would like to keep this snake in my house, as it's so beautifully green ^^ *and it's always sitting like this on a branch*
Maybe soon I'll write a post about our zoo with more pictures I took in summer few years ago, as I have time now :)
And all of you know what this video means ^^ Raikko yesterday drove an F1 car again after two years break. I'm getting crazy about F1 again, more than last two years.
Have a nice day! :)

2 komentāri:

  1. Haha, that frog is like "I'm a boss here, bro. Have any problem with that?"

    1. Last time I was in a zoo, this frog wasn't there, and I thought that one big toad is funny - but this one is even better :D


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